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So I decided to make a reclist of Adam/Tommy fic, because there’s a lot of it, and I know how hard it can be to find the good stuff when you’re new to a fandom. A couple notes before I start:

- I had to limit myself to a few stories for each author, but I strongly recommend checking out the rest of their works as well!
- I did not list content notes or warnings here. Please make sure to pay attention to them after clicking a link.
- Most of these are my personal favorites, and obviously those are just due to personal preference. However, there are also one or two fics on the list that I actually haven’t read (yet!) but felt compelled to include due to how well-known they are within the fandom.
- There’s no real order here. If it’s on the list, I recommend it!
- There are so many more great stories than what I could include here. Please, if you have a favorite that isn’t listed, link it in the comments!

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So Glam Nation is over, having ended triumphantly in two fantastic LA shows. Adam fandom is probably going to be a little quiet for a while - or, at least, quieter.

I've seen a lot of people ask "What do we do now?" So, me being the caring and generous person I am, I've decided to start working on a little bit of a fandom primer. Being a multi-fandom person is a great thing! Adam takes well-deserved breaks, TV shows go on hiatus, there are years in between the release of new movies or books in a series. It's awesome to be able to bounce around to where the activity is. And hey, having more than one fandom means always having new fic to read!

Ok, enough of me rambling. Here we go. Today, I'm talking about my favorite TV show and fandom ever: Supernatural.

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I'll be doing more fandom primers in the next weeks, I think. I hope someone out there finds them helpful!


Nov. 29th, 2010 09:38 pm
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This article is beautifully takes a lot of what's in my head about Adam and spells it all out on the page. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

Excuse Adam Lambert While He Kisses the Sky (and, more importantly, This Guy)
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Ok, this? Pretty much makes my life. And also makes me wanna write high school fic. I love how Adam's always giving me another reason to love him. <3

Now open!

Aug. 11th, 2010 07:54 pm
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Adam has broken away from American Idol, and so too should his kink!

[ profile] glam_kink is a brand new kink meme focusing on the members of the Glam Nation tour: Adam Lambert, his band, and his dancers. We aim to be an all-inclusive community, where we can share the love (and the kink!) free of negativity and drama.

Kradam? Bradam? Lambliff/Ratbert? All equally welcome!

Tommy/Allison? Cam/Sasha? Terrance/Taylor? Yes please!

OT3/4/more? Go for it!

So if you love a good kink meme like I do, come and play with us at [ profile] glam_kink!


Jul. 29th, 2010 02:11 am
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Yeah, I've been elsewhere lately. Spending WAY too much time virtually following Adam's tour around the country, reveling in the hotness and boylove. Tis a very lovely way to spend your evenings!

But this post is about something else:


Oh gods, I love Moffat and I love his writing and I love the guy playing Holmes and I really love all the innuendo, and it's just lovely. MORE NOW PLEASE!
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Weird fucking night. I flipped between reading super hot and emotional and awesome Adam/Tommy fic...and laughing my ass off at A Very Potter Sequel. Two extremely good things that you'd think would be weird together but are actually kind of awesome. Like fries dipped in ice cream. Or something. Fuck, I don't know, it's seven in the morning...
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Was reading a really awesome Adam/Tommy hookerfic on the AI kink meme today, and I saw an animated icon of Adam and Tommy kissing, and immediately thought, oh, nice manip. AND THEN I REMEMBERED THAT THEY ACTUALLY DO THAT.


Jul. 21st, 2010 08:17 pm
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First of all, apparently Tommy's dad is really sick, so no Tommy at tonight's show as he's going home to be with him. I hope it isn't too serious, poor guy.

Saw Inception again, and it was again awesome. Picked up on a lot of things that I didn't the first time. That's something I love so much about Nolan films - each experience of watching them feels different.

New LJ theme. I really wanted something more colorful, but this was the only one that jumped out at me, and of course, it's not colorful at all. Oh well!

Finally bought Adam's CD like a good fan. Got the Euro version that includes Master Plan, DtRH, Voodoo, and Can't Let You Go. And I have NO IDEA why all these songs weren't on the American release...particularly Master Plan, which I think could have been an excellent single.

And now something amusing - we have a new member of the pantheon! Along with Lady Godga and Adam "Gay Messiah" Lambert, please welcome Jesus Gordon-Levitt! I read that on ONTD and lost it, but seriously, dude was badass in Inception. I feel like his career is ready to absolutely take off. Hope he can capitalize!
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Had a friend show me some Tokio Hotel stuff tonight. I've heard the name around, of course, but never really looked in to them. In fact, I seriously thought they were Japanese. Oops!

So I watched some vids, and yeah, the music's all right. Super light and poppy, from what I heard. Front man is very pretty. But honestly, all I could think about was how Adam would top the shit out of him (WANT FIC!).

It makes me sad that so many of their fans don't seem to get along, though. Seriously people, we're a subversive movement. We should be working together.
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I love my Jensen background, but as currently I am obsessively following the Glam Nation tour while SPN is on hiatus, I figured it was more appropriate to have an Adam one!

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Because I will CRY if he loses a random internet poll to Hanson.

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Oh Adam! My obsession for you is growing daily! You damn well better stop touring to work on a new album next year or I will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

This most recent WLL is amazing - unique and different, harder than the uber-acoustic versions we've heard in the past. He's having a great time playing with the audience, making them scream and cheer and shiver in anticipation. I particularly love a couple bits: that little drum interlude with his Jim Morrison-like improv, Tommy Joe cheering him on in the background, and the incredible hot microphone lick followed by adorable eye-rolling and giggling at himself. If you're particularly dirty-minded like me, keep an eye on his left hand around 4:12-4:25...yes please!

Oh, and did I mention that HE SOUNDS FUCKING UNREAL? I swear, I would not be surprised to see that boy get eaten by a hellhound, because how the fuck do you get that talented without making a deal with the devil?

Awesome video quality, too, considering - front row, pretty clear, no shaking or screaming (ok, on second thought, there's a lot of screaming. But it's not earsplitting).


Jun. 29th, 2010 06:58 am
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Going to see Adam AGAIN in Covington on August 30th - and this time, we're going to be in the front, damn it!


New Icons!

Jun. 27th, 2010 04:02 pm
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I had not NEARLY enough Adam!

Also, anyone else think he's taken absolutely beautifully to fame, like he was born to it?
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Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show while I wait for Doctor Who to download, and OMG THIS MOVIE NEEDS TO BE REMADE STARRING ADAM LAMBERT SO FUCKING BAD!

I mean, I love the original, and Tim Curry rocks my world. But STILL! Come on, Hollywood! You remake everything else! Please please please?

And oh! Then it would have an actual fandom! Which would be fabulous, because I never did find any fic for this sad...

ETA: Oh oh oh! I also want Adam/Tim Curry RPS please, with Adam getting to meet him at some celebrity party and then chatting and complimenting and later getting it on. BECAUSE IT WOULD BE EPIC.


Jun. 10th, 2010 02:53 am
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Adam was FUCKING AMAZING, OH YES! I'm always a little nervous seeing people live for the first time - what if they secretly suck? But no worries here, because Adam was ridiculously hot and absolutely pitch-perfect, and OMG NEED MORE TOUR AGAIN SOON MMK BB?

ALSO! Apparently shit happened while I was away from my internet for a day!

Torchwood back for a full ten episodes next summer on Starz, with John and Eve back!

New Lady Gaga video, epic, crazy, scary, sexy, fabulous!

SUPERNATURAL ANIME OMFG HOW IS THIS REAL??? Actually, it makes a lot of sense, knowing how accepting the genre is of incest. I think this could be absolutely amazing and blow a lot of people's minds, particularly those who have never given anime a try...which seems to be a depressing majority of our fandom, judging by the reaction. All I know is, SLASH PLUS YAOI MIGHT MAKE THE INTERNET EXPLODE.

Umm...I think there was other shit too, but nothing I cared about much.

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