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So Matt and I went to the TNA house show in Troy last night, and it was AMAZING, just like the first one.


Sitting front row. Worth every freaking penny. No one blocking your view, standing up when you want to sit down, or holding annoying signs in front of your face. Close enough to touch, to see every detail, to smell - I actually got hit in the face by a bit of flying AJ Styles spit. I can't say that I minded.

JB. He is just a fantastic announcer - great voice, great personality, great look. I'll swear up and down that he's gay. No straight man dresses like that.

James Storm and Robert Roode vs LAX. As much as I like these teams, this was not a match I was particularly looking forward to. But they ended up being incredibly entertaining! They did that spot where Storm scurries back to Roode on his knees, hugging him around the waist - but this time, Roode wrapped his legs around his as well. Which was awesome right there. But then LAX started chanting "Broke-back Moun-tain" at them, which of course the crowd picked up, and I was torn between being happy at the gay and angry at the latent homophobia in it, that of course only the heels get called gay. But then Roode and Storm hugged anyway, to show they didn't care, and I was happy again. Great stuff all the way around.

AJ Styles. All night long. His match with Bashir was pretty good, especially getting to see the Styles Clash at the end. That man is just amazing. The crowd absolutely lit up when he came out.

Rhino getting injured and AJ replacing him in the main event, giving us AJ vs Angle. Seriously. AJ VS ANGLE. Two of the best EVER. I love these men, and I love their huge, long history together, and I love that Angle actually played that up. Their match was AMAZING. Angle did this move where he reversed the Styles Clash into the Ankle Lock, and it was absolutely a thing of beauty. I literally jumped up and down when I heard AJ's music hit for the second time that night.

Getting our picture taken with AJ and Samoa Joe! This was better than we could have hoped for. Last time, we got a picture with Angle, and it was awesome. We were hoping for either AJ or Joe this time, but to get both! I got to shake their hands, and I told them both how awesome it was to meet them, and then I told AJ that he was my favorite - I was totally starstruck, and that was all I could think of to say. He smiled sheepishly and said something about how he was sorry we'd had to see him twice in one night. If I'd had time, I would have told him how that MADE the night, but I didn't. I can't believe how humble he is! The man is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, no question. He can do things in that ring I wouldn't have thought possible. And yet he's humble, even to the point of being self-deprecating! This is the second time he's said something like that to me, and it just amazes me and makes me love him even more. Then he put his arm around me, and I put an arm around his back (his skin is so smooth!), and Joe did this awesome pose on my other side with his arm around Matt, and the picture turned out fantastic. I was literally shaking when we were done.

In conclusion, I love TNA, and they're still kicking WWE's ass when it comes to fan interaction. We'll definitely be going back any time they're in the area. Wish list for next time: Christian (I hope, if he stays!), MCMG, and Foley (yeah right...).

*goes to find an AJ icon worthy of his awesomeness*
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Best RAW quote in a LONG while:

"Ever since you came back to 'save us,' Chris, I've been looking for a way to make you my business."

-Triple H

But you have to imagine them standing pretty much nose to nose as he says this, looking VERY intensely at each other. I have one word for this: YUM!
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Title: Marked
Author: Sulwen
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slightly rough sex, minor bloodplay
Pairing: Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho
Word Count: 2143
Summary: Shawn reminisces about the past and decides to take control of the future. Basically, blatant sex with plot thrown in.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the order of the words.
Author’s note: Takes place immediately after this week's Raw (4/28/08). This story is written in character (as if the on-screen characters and storylines were real). I've always loved this pairing, and I wish there was more fic about them. With them being brought back together lately, I couldn't resist writing something. If anyone has good recs for this pairing, I'd love to read them!

Marked )

Title: Two DX Drabbles
Pairing(s): HHH/HBK
Rating: #1 is PG, #2 is R for language
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the order of the words.
Summary: Drabble #1 - Takes place the night DX reunited on Raw. Shawn runs out to save Hunter from the Spirit Squad, with Vince at the top of the ramp calling the shots. Pretty much AU.
Drabble #2 - Inspired by jadedblue's idea of Randy and Edge as Hunter and Shawn's former lovers.

Two DX Drabbles )

Title: DX Drabble #3
Pairing(s): HHH/HBK
Rating: PG for a little cursing.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the order of the words.
Summary: Shawn gets revenge against Rated RKO. Hunter watches. Though you don't have to read them to read this one, this fic is a companion work to the two drabbles I posted a few months ago.

DX Drabble #3 )
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- The LJ journal "home" page finally getting fixed. I don't know about the rest of you, but mine has been screwed up for like two weeks.

- Easy work nights.

- Laughing at other people's pain (ie, watching Bridezillas *grin*).

- AJ and Christian (see icon) continuing to be slashy as all hell.

- And most of all, porn battles and kink memes. Nothing like page after page of concentrated smut!
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So I knitted a bunny for my cousin's fourth birthday. It's my first try with a stuffed animal, and it came out a little deformed, but I still think it's cute. Next project is a stuffed cat.

Everyone knows I love Whose Line. I have the first two seasons and half of the third downloaded, and I've watched them all many times. Tonight, following some links, I downloaded some of the episodes from the last season - season eight. And, though it's still awesome and funny, it also breaks my heart. The energy, the lightheartedness, the joy of the early seasons has all but disappeared for my two favorite performers. You can tell that they're just sick of it. It's not the improv, either - I think it has to be the show itself. It's well know that Ryan long wanted to take over producing duties from Dan Patterson, and he certainly could have done it. For some reason, they hung onto games that weren't even that funny and that the performers were miserable doing (Hoedown is the one that immediately comes to mind, but there were others). I hate that some asshole producer can take the passion away from a person like that. Part of the reason I love the show so much is that there's nothing better than watching people do what they love, and in the early seasons, you know there's nowhere these guys would rather be. It's not fair that that couldn't continue.

On the plus side, there's still some serious slash going on (boykissing!), and all that angst is perfect for fic purposes. I so want to write a fic that takes place just as the show's ending, and the boys know they're going to have to go their seperate ways.

Finally, I've been working on a new fic while I'm at work. It's a wrestling story featuring six of my favorites from TNA: AJ Styles, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, and Alex Shelley. Premise: The TNA guys don't make as much money as WWE guys, so they end up carpooling to some of the shows. These six, all crammed into a van, get stuck in a snowstorm on the way to an Ohio house show and end up trapped in a hotel for a few very eventful days. Much slash ensues, everything from cute and fluffy (Sabin/Shelley) to angry and violent (Kurt/AJ) to epic love (AJ/Daniels or AJ/Christian - I can't decide!)
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This post will have absolutely no interest for anyone but me. Move along.

Pairings )
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So we went to the TNA house show in Troy tonight, and it was AWESOME! Here's the highlights of the night:

- Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are even more pretty and talented in person. They worked really well together, and at the end of the match, Shelley held the ropes for Sabin to leave the ring - something usually done for women. I squeed.

- James Storm looks like Sawyer from Lost.

- When AJ Styles came out, his opponent made the cocksucking hand motion. I take this to mean that AJ is totally gay.

- JB is super femme. I didn't really see it on TV, but in person, it was totally there.

- AJ and Tomko signed autographs and we got them! It was amazing to meet them, and I got to tell AJ how much I love him.

- In fact, Matt said to AJ that I adore him, and AJ responded, "I'm sorry." Now, I can take this two ways: the joking way, which I'm sure it probably was, or the way I'm choosing to take it: "I'm sorry, but I'm just not into girls."

- And then, best of all, they did pictures with Kurt Angle in the middle of the ring! I've never been in a ring before, so that on its own was awesome. And Angle is just one of the best ever - he won an Olympic gold medal! - and I got to shake his hand and talk to him, and now we have an autographed picture with him!

- Oh yeah, and the wrestling was great, too... :-)

Overall, it was an amazing night - better than WWE in just about every way. We'll definitely be going back when they come around again.
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Why I'm so excited for the return of DX:

Shawn Michaels: Hot
Triple H: Hot
The two of them together doing crotch chops and yelling "suck it!": OMG SO HOT

"Shawn and me, well, we've always been tight...sometimes we've fought back to back, sometimes we've fought face to face, but there's always been a common bond between us." - Triple H at the Vengeance press conference.

Yeah Trips. I know. *naughty thoughts* :-)


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