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So I decided to make a reclist of Adam/Tommy fic, because there’s a lot of it, and I know how hard it can be to find the good stuff when you’re new to a fandom. A couple notes before I start:

- I had to limit myself to a few stories for each author, but I strongly recommend checking out the rest of their works as well!
- I did not list content notes or warnings here. Please make sure to pay attention to them after clicking a link.
- Most of these are my personal favorites, and obviously those are just due to personal preference. However, there are also one or two fics on the list that I actually haven’t read (yet!) but felt compelled to include due to how well-known they are within the fandom.
- There’s no real order here. If it’s on the list, I recommend it!
- There are so many more great stories than what I could include here. Please, if you have a favorite that isn’t listed, link it in the comments!

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Seems to be a pattern, huh? :D

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I wanna talk about sub!Tommy, and Twitter is confusing with all the different threads of conversation.

And, GO!
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So can I just say how much I LOVE writing Tommy? His POV flows easier for me than anyone I've ever written. Which is weird for a couple reasons. One, he's a real person, and one who I've actually heard talk for maybe ten minutes total. I don't really know him that well. And two, he and I aren't that much alike. We share some similar interests, but Tommy is this chill awesome person, and I'm more like a big ball of flaily emotion.

But for some strange reason, he's taken up residence in my head and started telling me stories. And I love it, and him. <3
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Finally got me some Tommy icons! :D
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Weird fucking night. I flipped between reading super hot and emotional and awesome Adam/Tommy fic...and laughing my ass off at A Very Potter Sequel. Two extremely good things that you'd think would be weird together but are actually kind of awesome. Like fries dipped in ice cream. Or something. Fuck, I don't know, it's seven in the morning...
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Was reading a really awesome Adam/Tommy hookerfic on the AI kink meme today, and I saw an animated icon of Adam and Tommy kissing, and immediately thought, oh, nice manip. AND THEN I REMEMBERED THAT THEY ACTUALLY DO THAT.


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