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So I'm working on a Peter/Susan fic for one of my auction winners, and though I love the idea and I'm having a lot of fun writing it so far, it's downright weird writing het. On the one hand, it's nice because I've always been better at writing from a female point of view. On the other hand...I'm just so damn used to slash. The chemistry of it's all different.

It's good for me as a writer, though. I mean, I love het. My all-time favorite OTP is het. I used to write it all the time. I still do in my original fic. Just...somewhere along the way, writing fic began to equal writing slash.

Still, I adore this pairing, and it's angsty and kinky enough to keep me VERY interested. Plus it takes place in between LWW and PC, and so I can reference all sorts of fun stuff from the undescribed-by-canon period when they were ruling in Narnia - which I've totally always wanted to explore more.

This is why I need people to prompt me more often - it breaks me out of my usual rut, and I'm always happy when I realize that there's so much more out there.
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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

I didn't pick a particular fandom, just went with whatever came to mind. These are entirely unedited, so they're a bit rough. This is purely what came out of my head and onto the page. I've included bits of lyrics for those unfamiliar with the songs.

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Ok, so it's called Elisabeth, and it's in German. I really don't know why I didn't look further into foreign language musicals after you showed me that French one, Manda, but I didn't. This one totally makes me wish I had!

Why I like it, having seen all of two songs of the thing:

Hot guy plays Death.

Death seduces a girl:
Death seduces a guy:

Death is incredibly, incredibly sexy and quite a good singer as well, plus he totally has a David Bowie vibe going on.

I would SO give in, if confronted by this incarnation of Death. *grin*

I desperately want this on DVD, but as best as I can tell, it would cost me about 50 bucks with the dollar being so damn weak right now. *sigh*

ETA: And just when I thought I'd seen the best of this guy, here he is in another musical playing a gay vampire in love with a vampire hunter (are you KIDDING ME? I was obviously born in the wrong country!):

^^make sure you watch this one to the end!
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Just finished watching Heroes on DVD. I'm shocked that it actually lived up to the hype - everyone said it was awesome, and lo and behold, it was! It's intelligent and fun and graphic and shocking and exciting and suspenseful and funny and tragic all at the same time - and it's so damn SLASHY! So now I have a new fandom, and it's perfect timing to get in on it, since the new season starts Monday.

*is happy*

Peter/Nathan/Claire = OT3. Seriously.

And a very lovely quote, found in a comment to a smutfic featuring the above pairing:
"Fandom has killed my morals with pretty eyes and gorgeous lips."
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So. Just finished Harry Potter 7. Overall, quite an entertaining and exciting read.

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Saw Harry Potter 5 at midnight last night. Quite good, really - plus new Rickman scenes, which are ALWAYS worth it! So now I'm in the mood for Potterfic.

Today's goal: Read as many different Harry Potter pairings as possible.

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I also read a bit of QAF RPS today, which was amazingly hot, considering all I've even seen of the show so far are clips on YouTube. I can't wait until my DVDs get here!
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So I think I've decided that the best way to ship the Pirates fandom is just to pair everyone with everyone else. Because, come on, look at the possiblities: Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Jack/Barbossa, Jack/Norrington, Jack/Tia, Barbossa/Elizabeth, Barbossa/Will, Barbossa/Tia, Will/Tia, Elizabeth/Tia, Elizabeth/Norrington, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will/Norrington, Jack/Will/Barbossa, Jack/Barbossa/ goes on and on! I'd read ANY of that, no kidding (though my recent faves are Barbossa/Elizabeth and Barbossa/Jack - both very, very nice!). *loves fandom SO MUCH!*
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I just have to say that the Sparrabeth people are NUTS. Yeah, I ship Jack/Liz too, but you don't have to be CRAZY about it! I wish they had never hinted at making that ship canon. That's what fanfiction is ABOUT, people - doing something that WASN'T in the original material! Those of us who shipped J/E after CotBP know and understand this. We picked up on hints, clues, subtext - things that inspired our imaginations, that we could play with and manipulate. Personally, I'd rather ship subtext than canon, thanks very much. So I've taken Sparrabeth off my friends list, because I am sick and tired of seeing them whine about how the world's going to end if they don't get "their ending." Seriously. I wish they would just calm the fuck down. *sigh*
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Title: You'd Hate Him
Fandom: Harry Potter
Claim: Severus/Hermione
Prompt: Hate
Rating: R
Warnings: Masturbation
Word Count: 1022
Summary: Hermione and Ginny talk; Hermione has a rather late night.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the order of the words.

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Jul. 11th, 2006 11:39 pm
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Title: And Beyond
Author: Sulwen

Rating: PG, for references to non-con.
Pairing: Elizabeth/Jack, Elizabeth/Barbossa.
Summary: How far will Elizabeth go? DMC SPOILERS AHEAD!
Word Count: 621
Author’s Notes: I am a J/E shipper all the way. In fact, I was in the middle of plotting my Jack/Elizabeth novella when this little bunny popped up and began chewing at my ankles. You know how it is. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine but the order of the words.

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