Apr. 15th, 2010 03:23 am
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So how amazing was Adam on AI tonight? Strutting around the stage with all the smoke and lasers, he looked like a fucking GOD. Showed up most of the contestants from this season, that's for sure!

Also, I've been watching his performances from S8 again, and it's really quite interesting. Having watched a lot (a LOT) of his live stuff since then, I can actually see him having to hold himself back. You can see him going for the crotch grab or the stripper dancing and remembering just at the last moment shit, family show!
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Ok, so as with most things, I'm usually only in American Idol for the boys. I don't even watch the girls-only nights.


Holy shit, Siobhan! Girl, you are hands-down my favorite, particularly after tonight. I was definitely reminded of Adam, even before Kara brought it up. Which is just FANTASTIC, because I was beginning to think that no one this season was going to even come close to what he did. So yay! Keep it up!
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So I'm over halfway through the American Idol kink meme, and I'm quite enjoying it, because kink meme fic is possibly my favorite kind of fic ever. And then I realized that I never read round two at [livejournal.com profile] blindfold_spn, and that I would really like to.

Our fandom is SO MUCH MORE FUCKED UP than any other, I swear. And it's like, I KNOW this, but every time I venture into another fandom for a while and then come back, it hits me again. Most of the AI kink meme is made up of really quite fluffy Kradam AUs, with a bit of slightly harder kink mixed in here and there. On the SPN meme, there's bestiality on the first page, and a tail!kink theme that continues throughout.

Also, I think we have the only fandom ever where there could be three separate responses to a prompt like this: Daddycest mpreg: John gets Dean pregnant. Non-con and underage a huge plus.

Oh, SPN fandom...never ever change!
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Is it weird that it took S9 of American Idol airing to really get me into S8 fic? I don't know, I think it's weird. I mean, I always knew that Adam was a big ball of fabulousness, ever since my mother called me and told me I needed to start watching the show again, because there was this guy that was "just so me." But I never read fic about him. I think part of that was the fact that I really couldn't care less about Kris as a musician, or really as a person on his own. He's fine, but he's kind of boring and SO not my type. And the big pairing is of course Kradam, so there you go. But now that they've kind of had this epic and continuing bromance...I think I'm kind of hooked. Also, now that Adam and Lady GaGa are splitting the top ten most played list on my iPod, I'm kind of completely desperate to read fic of the guy and I don't even care who it's with. There's actually some really good stuff out there - Adam has grown the fandom significantly. Last time I peeked in, it was mostly Simon/Paula, with a bit of Simon/Ryan and maybe a hint of Cook/Archie beginning to show up. How things have changed!

Speaking of, not enough judge/contestant fic! I can't possibly be the ONLY person who wants to read about the judges trading good comments for sexual favors! Right? Right???

Also, something I was reading mentioned that Adam has real-life anime hair, and that made me SO HAPPY, because it's totally true. And damn impressive, at that!

*end long rambling no sleep again post*
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...made me think about only one thing.

I ship Adam Lambert with EVERYONE.

Also, they WISH they could find someone else like him. Unfortunately, I think he's one in a billion. Best TV they'll ever have.

ETA: I really really WANT to like 70's/Morrison guy, but he's failing exactly where Adam succeeded - taking something really out there and stylistic and making it WORK, making it current and appealing and just absolutely owning it rather than copying.

ETA2: Ok, may have spoken too soon. MAY. They definitely don't have anyone at Adam's level, that I'm sure of, but there just may be enough talent and personality there to keep me interested and watching, at least. Current favorites are Lee (the guy who sang Snow Patrol) and Casey (the really really pretty one). We'll see what happens.

ETA3: Also, I just watched Adam's performance from the same stage of the show last year. He beats the living shit out of every single one of the guys tonight. ALL OF THEM. He's fucking fantastic and I WANT A TOUR GOD DAMN IT!


Sep. 9th, 2009 01:11 am
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Adam Lambert performs a David Bowie medley on stage.

That boy is SEX ON A STICK. Look how he MOVES!

I can has Jensen/Adam fic?
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SPN reaction - short and sweet )

As for Idol...I've been getting torrents of this season here and there, finding what episodes I can get decent seeding for - so I haven't watched it all. Two things, though:

- My mom told me I had to go online and watch some of the show because she thought I would absolutely love Adam Lambert. Guess what? SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT. That boy is amazing in every way - beautiful, crazy talented, and oh-so-gay!

- I was looking up info about the finalists and I saw that the other frontrunner - Danny - is a devout evangelical Christian. I was just about to roll my eyes and write him off (which I know is terrible and prejudiced, but still...how many awesome evangelicals do you know?), when I thought to myself: THIS PAIRING COULD BE EPIC. Seriously dedicated Christian meets super over-the-top gay boy? Shares living space with him for weeks at a time, isolated from everyone else? SINGS LOVE SONGS with him? It's perfect! Now I want I-love-god-but-I-love-you-more fic! And sexual identity crisis fic! And we-got-really-drunk-and-fucked-but-now-I'm-going-to-hell fic! WANT WANT WANT.

I think I'm going to have to take off work for the finale, especially if it comes down to those two. *grin*
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First of all, thank you guys for the comments yesterday. They helped.

Now then. I haven't been watching American Idol this season, pretty much because I work Tuesday and Wednesday nights. But my Mom claims I would absolutely love this Adam guy that's still in, so I decided to see if I could find a place to watch from the beginning online.

I have watched literally one half of one episode and I'm already shipping Paula/Kara (is it Kara or Cara?). They are SO FLIRTY, it's amazing. I doubt they'll match up to Simon and Ryan in slash potential (because those boys are totally fucking, no joke), but we shall see.

On the off chance...fic recs? Anyone? Bueller?

ETA: Know why I love Simon so much? Because he is the real life Snape. TRUFAX.


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