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Feb. 5th, 2011 05:13 pm
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I love fandom. I love it in the general sense, the basic idea of people with a common interest coming together in the spirit of community and creativity. I've been in many fandoms over the past 10+ years, and I've seen a lot. I've seen talent and joy, love and support. I've also seen drama and wank and hatefulness. It's always going to be a mixed bag - that's just life. But I do think that there are some basic truths to what we do that apply to everyone, and sometimes people need to be reminded.

I don't profess to be in charge of anything, and what I say here is my opinion alone. Take it or leave it as you see fit.

You will also notice that fandom, for me, is ALWAYS about fic at heart. Adam fandom seems to be quite an anomaly in this respect, and some of what I've seen there is what inspired me to make this post.

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I'm really starting to worry about the incest kink. 17 minutes into this episode and I'm shipping already.

I think it's just my thing for forbidden love. Apparently, gay isn't forbidden enough anymore.

*crazy brain is crazy*

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So I've had several OTPs and even an OT3 or two, but I've never had an OT4 before. But I totally do now.

Tamaki/Kyouya/Hikaru/Kaoru FTW!

...although any combination of these boys is good, too, and I'll totally read them with Mori and Haruhi thrown in if the opportunity arises...
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So I've suddenly decided that I NEED to write a Tales of Symphonia/Final Fantasy XII crossover fic, involving Kratos/Zelos and Basch/Balthier meeting...somehow...and realizing exactly how similar they are. Because they SO are. And then maybe doing some switching. Hell, it'll probably just end in a full-on foursome. Why not?

*has been spending WAY too much time indulging her inner slasher lately*
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This post will have absolutely no interest for anyone but me. Move along.

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My Ships

Sep. 30th, 2007 12:00 am
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Latest count: 76 pairings in 32 fandoms.

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So. Just finished Harry Potter 7. Overall, quite an entertaining and exciting read.

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Saw Harry Potter 5 at midnight last night. Quite good, really - plus new Rickman scenes, which are ALWAYS worth it! So now I'm in the mood for Potterfic.

Today's goal: Read as many different Harry Potter pairings as possible.

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I also read a bit of QAF RPS today, which was amazingly hot, considering all I've even seen of the show so far are clips on YouTube. I can't wait until my DVDs get here!
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So I think I've decided that the best way to ship the Pirates fandom is just to pair everyone with everyone else. Because, come on, look at the possiblities: Jack/Elizabeth, Jack/Will, Jack/Barbossa, Jack/Norrington, Jack/Tia, Barbossa/Elizabeth, Barbossa/Will, Barbossa/Tia, Will/Tia, Elizabeth/Tia, Elizabeth/Norrington, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Will/Norrington, Jack/Will/Barbossa, Jack/Barbossa/Elizabeth...it goes on and on! I'd read ANY of that, no kidding (though my recent faves are Barbossa/Elizabeth and Barbossa/Jack - both very, very nice!). *loves fandom SO MUCH!*
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I just have to say that the Sparrabeth people are NUTS. Yeah, I ship Jack/Liz too, but you don't have to be CRAZY about it! I wish they had never hinted at making that ship canon. That's what fanfiction is ABOUT, people - doing something that WASN'T in the original material! Those of us who shipped J/E after CotBP know and understand this. We picked up on hints, clues, subtext - things that inspired our imaginations, that we could play with and manipulate. Personally, I'd rather ship subtext than canon, thanks very much. So I've taken Sparrabeth off my friends list, because I am sick and tired of seeing them whine about how the world's going to end if they don't get "their ending." Seriously. I wish they would just calm the fuck down. *sigh*
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Why I'm so excited for the return of DX:

Shawn Michaels: Hot
Triple H: Hot
The two of them together doing crotch chops and yelling "suck it!": OMG SO HOT

"Shawn and me, well, we've always been tight...sometimes we've fought back to back, sometimes we've fought face to face, but there's always been a common bond between us." - Triple H at the Vengeance press conference.

Yeah Trips. I know. *naughty thoughts* :-)


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