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For anyone who hasn't seen these! Jack and Ianto's romance in brief (pretty sure they're in the order they aired):

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And two bonus kisses!

Aside from Jack/Ianto, the sweetest moment of the show:

And the hottest (imo):

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Ok, this? Pretty much makes my life. And also makes me wanna write high school fic. I love how Adam's always giving me another reason to love him. <3

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Oh Adam! My obsession for you is growing daily! You damn well better stop touring to work on a new album next year or I will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

This most recent WLL is amazing - unique and different, harder than the uber-acoustic versions we've heard in the past. He's having a great time playing with the audience, making them scream and cheer and shiver in anticipation. I particularly love a couple bits: that little drum interlude with his Jim Morrison-like improv, Tommy Joe cheering him on in the background, and the incredible hot microphone lick followed by adorable eye-rolling and giggling at himself. If you're particularly dirty-minded like me, keep an eye on his left hand around 4:12-4:25...yes please!

Oh, and did I mention that HE SOUNDS FUCKING UNREAL? I swear, I would not be surprised to see that boy get eaten by a hellhound, because how the fuck do you get that talented without making a deal with the devil?

Awesome video quality, too, considering - front row, pretty clear, no shaking or screaming (ok, on second thought, there's a lot of screaming. But it's not earsplitting).

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This is actually really awesome - I want fic!

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What a breathtaking thing to wake up to! NEEDS TOUR DATES NOW PLZ.

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Also, I keep trying to watch the American Idol from Tuesday that I missed, but I keep watching videos of Adam on YouTube instead. I fear this bodes poorly for this season of AI, but on the other hand, yay Adam!

The sound quality on this sucks, but it's worth it for such a fucking sexy visual! The very beginning... *swoon*


Dec. 9th, 2009 01:41 am
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Um, so the FYE video is pretty insanely awesome, because most of it is Adam staring right into the camera. Watching that, I become a giggling ball of squee, unable to say anything but "OMG HIS FAAAAAAAACE!!!"

*noms on him*
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Three videos that made me fall even more in love with Gareth:

Gareth sings the blues - he reminds me SO MUCH of Jim Morrison here.

Gareth talks about fisting - speaks for itself! Can you imagine an American star doing this?

Ianto's rap - from the DVD extras. I want!
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Probably nothing y'all haven't seen a million times, but I'm enjoying my newest fandom thoroughly! Also, a slight warning: this vids are pretty much all using the exact same footage. Personally, I don't care a bit - I could watch those boys flirt and kiss all day long - but it might get a bit repetitive if you watch them all at once.

Oblivious - Really nicely done, perfect song. Jack really IS oblivious sometimes.

Mr. Wonderful - I heart this song! It pretty perfectly describes my feelings toward John (ooh look, we're on a first name basis! That's like the second base of fangirling!).

Naked - This vid takes the footage and infuses it with even MORE sex than it originally had in the show, and that's no small feat!

Mr. Jones and Me - OMG what a perfect song! *loves*

Also, when I was browsing vids, I TOTALLY got spoiled for a scene in a late S2 episode I haven't watched yet, and all I can say is...HOLY FUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY LET THAT AIR, BUT THANK YOU FOREVER TO WHOEVER DID! I literally DID NOT BELIEVE IT WAS A REAL SCENE...until I watched it about a dozen times over. Yep. It's real!

And now for my musing:

I feel like I always am attracted to a fandom or pairing because of the gorgeous, flashy, cocky one: Dean, Jack, House. And I do love those characters - I really, really do. But over time, I end up falling just as hard for their other halves, the quieter ones who turn out to be just as interesting and awesome and pretty as - and often even MORE complex than - their louder counterparts: Sam, Ianto, Wilson. I bet I could come up with other examples as well if I wasn't so damn tired. Interesting parallelism, no?

It makes me glad that Sam'n'Dean get pretty equal screen time, because I'm always pining for more Ianto and Wilson. *sigh*

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City of Angels - Dean/Castiel

I knew that movie had to have a purpose!

*needs more Castiel icons*
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So lately I'm adoring John Barrowman - or, as I've taken to calling him, Captain Hotass. He's fantastic in every way, and he's been on my mind so much that I've seriously considered throwing him into my NaNo, even though it's NOT fanfic.

So how did I NOT KNOW that the man SINGS SHOWTUNES??? Sings them WELL, even?

*dies of glee*

*wants him to duet with Josh Groban now please thanks - he even does a song from Chess!*

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*is so, so late to this party, but oh well*

One of my favorite bits of Torchwood so far (me and everyone else, I'm sure):

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Sep. 9th, 2009 01:11 am
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Adam Lambert performs a David Bowie medley on stage.

That boy is SEX ON A STICK. Look how he MOVES!

I can has Jensen/Adam fic?
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Dude - look what the Harry Potter fandom was up to while I was away!

A Very Potter Musical

Seriously. Watch the whole fucking thing. It's well worth it!

*will probably never stop laughing*

Also, the guy playing Voldemort? I would so, so totally hit that. Like, in a hot second. I think seeing Labyrinth so many times has permanently skewed my definition of hotness toward tall skinny blonde guys with high cheekbones, heavy makeup, and tights. Plus he's super talented and funny and awesome. I WANT THIS ON DVD.

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The BuddyTV interview. Yes, THAT one. Manda, if you haven't seen this...well, you probably have, but if you haven't, you seriously need to.

I remember the day this first appeared. The internet went NUTS. I seriously had almost as fun watching the mass squee as watching the interview itself...almost.

*smishes boys*

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Ok, I love top!Dean, but I think this kinda makes top!Sam canon. At least in my head.

O. M. G.

Feb. 20th, 2009 11:14 pm
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I would call this awesome as hell, but that doesn't even begin to describe it!

Best. Promo. EVER.


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