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Anyone know what the drama was in [ profile] ontd_spnparty? I'm curious, but not curious enough to go through the whole post.

Also, True Blood tonight was AMAZING. I highly approve of the increased level of gay.
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True Blood spoilers! )

I just wanna say, I TOTALLY called this like half a season ago. And I will be very saddened if it's not true.
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Tennis and True Blood today.

Tennis was good and bad - Roger won, Rafa lost. Roger/Del Potro in the finals tomorrow. Poor Rafa - I feel like if he can just get to the end of a season without being injured or broken down, he can absolutely win the Open and get that career slam. Whether that will ever happen or not...who's to say? Roger looked absolutely AMAZING, though, outside of his serve. That man is blessed by the tennis gods, I swear. He'd better take home his sixth Open title in a row tomorrow - revenge for Del Potro beating Rafa and cheating us all out of a Fedal final! Sadly, this is the end of tennis until January. Good thing I have SPN and all my other fall shows to keep me amused!

True Blood finale was pretty awesome - WAY better than last season's, anyway. I really have no complaints, aside from a depressing lack of Eric. The Sookie/Bill stuff at the end made me squee like a little girl! My favorite part, though: "Worship him, bitches!" Fabulous. I want season three NOW!

Also, did anyone else get distinct Bill/Sam vibes from that episode? I kind of totally want fic now.
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Family stuff under the cut, because you probably don't want to hear about it )

True Blood! Tonight's episode had way too much vomiting (ick!), but other than that it was pretty good. Sam's secret is finally - finally! - out, so that's progress. And I loved watching Bill at the tribunal. I seriously want to read some Bill/Eric. And I loved watching him with the girl - trying to be kind to her at first, then kind of getting swept away as it went on...that was awesome. Can't wait until next week!
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Oh my god...everyone at Fox News has such a complete boner for Sarah Palin, it's not even funny. Well, actually it kinda is. I wanted to see the clips of her on SNL (as we don't get that channel anymore), and what's up on YouTube is Fox's recap of the show, and it's just amazing. All this Oh my God, (that word is, of course, capitalized when they say it) she's such a good sport! She looked so great raising the roof! She's so funny! Hahahahaha! Yeah, whatever, bitches. She only showed up because she had to, and everyone working on SNL still only likes her because she's giving them great material to parody. I hope to god that this month is the last we hear of her in any media, including the news.

On the plus side...TRUE BLOOD! They gave us SO MUCH Sookie and Bill fucking! And damn, I could watch that all day long. Ok, that sounds a little pervy...but seriously! We're so starved for real sex scenes in most media that when we actually get them, we want LOTS. Case in point: QaF. I could NEVER get tired of watching Brian and Justin fuck. So I hope there's lots more hot kinky vampire sex, and, this being HBO, I'm pretty confident there will be. I wasn't super attracted to Bill when I first started watching the show, but now I'm completely lusting after him. For once, a good-guy vampire who's NOT A COMPLETE PUSSY! That's what I would totally want - someone who, if I asked, would bite me. Someone who'd run out and exact revenge on people who hurt me. Someone who still acted like a vampire instead of being in a constant state of repression and denial. I liked Angel, and I really liked Spike, but I wouldn't describe either one of them as exactly hardcore. Bill is beautifully intense, and I love it.

Don't even get me started on Edward. Bill would fuck that little bitch's shit UP.
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Tonight's wasn't my favorite episode...but what an ending! Sookie running through the graveyard in her white nightgown, kissing him with his fangs out, practically begging him to bite her and him actually going through with it...and that last shot, all skin and blood and tongue...that was seriously awesome.


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:42 am
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Thank you for the well-wishes in the last post, everyone! *hugs* My sister and I are going to sit down tomorrow and start seriously planning, which makes me very excited!

It's been a good few days. We went to see Religulous yesterday, which I adored. Bill Maher expresses my opinions about religion better than I could. I love him! The movie was really funny as well. The friends we were with didn't fully agree with some of the ideas in the movie, but they laughed at least as much as we did.

I'm totally looking forward to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan, but I really liked Dogma and I generally find something to laugh at in his other films. And, of course, I love Seth Rogan! The man can simply do no wrong.

In diet news:

I've lost five pounds! I certainly wasn't eating perfect over the weekend, mostly due to Mom and Dad leaving and Grandma cooking for us every night, but the scale's definitely heading in the right direction. I went for another hike/run yesterday, which was pretty good. However, I did learn the importance of a good warmup - try to do too much too fast and you feel awful.

Speaking of Mom and Dad, they're doing well. I told them to call me every day they're on the road, and so far they are. I just worry about all that driving. They're both good drivers, but there are a lot of bad ones out there. Last I talked to them, they were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and were VERY happy to be done with Iowa and Nebraska! They're very sick of the car, but I think they're enjoying finally being on the road after all the stress of moving out and saying goodbye.

True Blood Sunday night was awesome. I'm completely hooked at this point. I'm very behind on Supernatural and Heroes, as I can no longer watch either of them at their normal times, but I'm going to catch up by watching them online at some point. I hear they're both going pretty well, especially SPN.

My new novel just hit 18k. It's going well, if a bit disjointed because I keep writing it without looking back to see what's already there. I want to get it to 25k by the time NaNo starts and attempt to finish the draft completely during November.

Oh yeah...and the economy totally sucks. I guess the financial world is supposed to end today or something. But honestly? Until I can't afford to buy food or pay my rent, I'm not going to worry. We'll deal, the way we always do.

The plus side? Bad economy = Obama up in the polls, which means a happy Sulwen!


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