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For anyone who hasn't seen these! Jack and Ianto's romance in brief (pretty sure they're in the order they aired):

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And two bonus kisses!

Aside from Jack/Ianto, the sweetest moment of the show:

And the hottest (imo):


Jun. 10th, 2010 02:53 am
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Adam was FUCKING AMAZING, OH YES! I'm always a little nervous seeing people live for the first time - what if they secretly suck? But no worries here, because Adam was ridiculously hot and absolutely pitch-perfect, and OMG NEED MORE TOUR AGAIN SOON MMK BB?

ALSO! Apparently shit happened while I was away from my internet for a day!

Torchwood back for a full ten episodes next summer on Starz, with John and Eve back!

New Lady Gaga video, epic, crazy, scary, sexy, fabulous!

SUPERNATURAL ANIME OMFG HOW IS THIS REAL??? Actually, it makes a lot of sense, knowing how accepting the genre is of incest. I think this could be absolutely amazing and blow a lot of people's minds, particularly those who have never given anime a try...which seems to be a depressing majority of our fandom, judging by the reaction. All I know is, SLASH PLUS YAOI MIGHT MAKE THE INTERNET EXPLODE.

Umm...I think there was other shit too, but nothing I cared about much.


Fic Rec

May. 22nd, 2010 02:13 am
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Customer Service - John Winchester/Ianto Jones PWP.

FUCK YEAH THIS PAIRING, IDEK. I love the idea of Ianto fucking random people while the team is away on missions!
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I find it amusing how different the attitudes toward certain things are in different fandoms.

In the Torchwood fandom, for instance, they seem to be INCREDIBLY touchy about RPS. Like, I had to be approved to even see the fic. After years of J2, that seems absolutely ridiculous to me.

Anyone know why this is? Was there some big wankfest that scared everyone away or something?
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Three videos that made me fall even more in love with Gareth:

Gareth sings the blues - he reminds me SO MUCH of Jim Morrison here.

Gareth talks about fisting - speaks for itself! Can you imagine an American star doing this?

Ianto's rap - from the DVD extras. I want!


Dec. 5th, 2009 02:50 am
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Spoilers for CoE and Doctor Who S4E2 )

Also, baah...

In 2009, sulwen resolves to...
Overcome my secret fear of fanvids.
Go to mcmg every Sunday.
Go reading three times a week.
Eat more btvs.
Keep my tsr clean.
Cut down on my knitting.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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I am a fangirl (and person, but we're not talking real life in this post) who is, for the most part, resistant to change.

This works quite well for me most of the time. I tend to like the main characters in the fandoms I'm in, and they're usually protected from change, particularly when it comes to TV shows, movie trilogies, and book series, as those things have to be able to continue.

SPN is a great example - Sam and Dean, despite everything they go through, generally end up much the same at the end of the episode as they were at the beginning. When this doesn't happen, it is immediately fixed in the next episode. S4 and a few episodes at the beginning of S5 played with that a bit, but at the end of the day, we still have Sam and Dean, saving people, hunting things. Same as it ever was.


Doctor Who and Torchwood are upsetting me greatly in this respect. Or perhaps that's not the right word, upsetting. More, they're pushing me out of my comfort zone, and that makes me nervous.

Torchwood presented itself one way in S1, pretty much stayed exactly the same in S2 (following traditional serial mentality), and then TRANSFORMED ENTIRELY in S3, even down to the show format. That threw me. I've never seen anything on TV quite like it. And I can't even say if it's a good change or not, not until I see S4. Right now, I feel very much in limbo, as I bet most of the fandom does.

When it comes to Doctor Who, it's a different story, but no less unsettling. I started watching Nine, and I fell in love with him, particularly toward the end of that season. Then, suddenly, there's Ten, and I'm thrown for a loop. I knew this was coming, knew that was part of the character, but I'd JUST had enough time to get into the character I'd been presented with. Now I had to do that all over again?

I was extremely wary of the new version at first. This was unfamiliar and strange and I didn't like it at all. Of course, within the space of a few episodes, I was more in love with Ten than I'd ever been with Nine, more than I'd ever THOUGHT I could be in love with this character or this show. And so he sticks around, and there's a lot of sameness for a few seasons, which I absolutely love.

But now it's about to change again, and again I feel extremely unsettled. I love the way things are now, and I feel extremely resistant to the new choice. It's nothing in particular against that actor - I haven't seen a thing from him yet, so I can't judge - but still. Not at all what I would have preferred. And there's a chance that I'll love the change, but there's also a chance that I'll hate it, and I DON'T LIKE NOT KNOWING.


Oh lord...

Dec. 2nd, 2009 05:06 am
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In which I talk about kink a bit, in a non-graphic way )

Also, in non-kink news: Sam/Ianto crossover awesomeness!

Gonna Teach You Tricks That'll Blow Your Mind by [ profile] immoralilly.

Hot and perfect and awesome with a killer ending. I love how the author picks out the similarities between the characters, and the difficulties of two different world views colliding.

ETA: Also, and this is entirely random and has nothing to do with the rest of the post, but I love how John Hart is pretty much exactly Spike, only as a time agent instead of a vampire. *loves on James Marsters and his prettiness*
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God damn. When the Torchwood fandom decides to wank, my GOD do they wank! I am frightened and actually pretty glad I wasn't around for the particular incident I've been reading about. More proof that the SPN fandom is not special in this respect: ALL BIG FANDOMS CAN BE BATSHIT CRAZY.

Also, I've written 12k in the last twelve hours. My writing muscles hurt. I'm going to try for 2k more before bed and then a 10k day tomorrow. If I can do that, I win. And then I'll promptly collapse, my fingers frozen into permanent claws. Wish me luck!

ETA: From a lovely bit of meta (I know, right? Meta? Me? Oh Torchwood...) by [ profile] solitary_summer:

Regardless, there remains the fact that except for those few moments and a bit of flirting early on, up until the last episode most of the time Jack and Ianto are almost doing the antithesis of what in other shows creates slashy vibes between people who never had and never will have an on-screen kiss or any kind of relationship in canon. No looks, no touches, no standing in each other's space. Except for Cyberwoman, the first time they're even on screen together for any length of time is Combat.

I find this point to be incredibly interesting. From this perspective, Sam and Dean are WAY slashier than Jack and Ianto, at least in TW S1. It speaks to the difference between slash and actually portraying same-gender relationships on screen. We often use the term interchangeably for convenience's sake, but that's not really accurate, at least in my mind. If the characters are actually shown to be in a relationship, it's not slash. And though I do dearly, dearly love seeing same-gender relationships on screen (I CANNOT STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH: I LOVE IT), I think slash is ultimately more fun. Sam and Dean (and Jared and Jensen, for that matter) have eternal possibilities: any number of first kisses, for example, in endless different scenarios. Because we haven't seen it, we're free to create it.

And thus ends my extremely lame bit of late-night meta.

Also: apparently Torchwood is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Here I was thinking it was just this fun, pretty, and awesome but ultimately pretty shallow show, and people are actually sitting down and pulling philosophy out of it. Kudos, I say, from a fellow philosophy buff,, I just did not get that AT ALL.
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ETA: This must literally be the first fic everyone coming into this fandom reads. So, yeah, ignore if you've been involved any length of time.

And now, to cheer us all up after that depressing post, it's CRACKFIC!

Seriously, read this. AWESOME.

Trying to Communicate by [ profile] sam_storyteller.

Mostly gen, PG, crack, hilarious. READ IT!
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Very long and rambling, and far too emotional. You'll really have to forgive me for that. I've been mainlining this show like crazy the past few days, so right now I'm a bit more in that reality than in this one.

Spoilers for all of CoE, but I started these notes about the middle of Day Four )
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"Is it still necrophilia if I'm conscious?"

*hearts show and its craziness*

Also, the end of Doctor Who S2 made me cry. Actually cry. That show has a great feel for epic moments, I'll give it that.
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Probably nothing y'all haven't seen a million times, but I'm enjoying my newest fandom thoroughly! Also, a slight warning: this vids are pretty much all using the exact same footage. Personally, I don't care a bit - I could watch those boys flirt and kiss all day long - but it might get a bit repetitive if you watch them all at once.

Oblivious - Really nicely done, perfect song. Jack really IS oblivious sometimes.

Mr. Wonderful - I heart this song! It pretty perfectly describes my feelings toward John (ooh look, we're on a first name basis! That's like the second base of fangirling!).

Naked - This vid takes the footage and infuses it with even MORE sex than it originally had in the show, and that's no small feat!

Mr. Jones and Me - OMG what a perfect song! *loves*

Also, when I was browsing vids, I TOTALLY got spoiled for a scene in a late S2 episode I haven't watched yet, and all I can say is...HOLY FUCK I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY LET THAT AIR, BUT THANK YOU FOREVER TO WHOEVER DID! I literally DID NOT BELIEVE IT WAS A REAL SCENE...until I watched it about a dozen times over. Yep. It's real!

And now for my musing:

I feel like I always am attracted to a fandom or pairing because of the gorgeous, flashy, cocky one: Dean, Jack, House. And I do love those characters - I really, really do. But over time, I end up falling just as hard for their other halves, the quieter ones who turn out to be just as interesting and awesome and pretty as - and often even MORE complex than - their louder counterparts: Sam, Ianto, Wilson. I bet I could come up with other examples as well if I wasn't so damn tired. Interesting parallelism, no?

It makes me glad that Sam'n'Dean get pretty equal screen time, because I'm always pining for more Ianto and Wilson. *sigh*

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So lately I'm adoring John Barrowman - or, as I've taken to calling him, Captain Hotass. He's fantastic in every way, and he's been on my mind so much that I've seriously considered throwing him into my NaNo, even though it's NOT fanfic.

So how did I NOT KNOW that the man SINGS SHOWTUNES??? Sings them WELL, even?

*dies of glee*

*wants him to duet with Josh Groban now please thanks - he even does a song from Chess!*

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Stars in the Twinkling Foam

Supernatural/Torchwood crossover.



It's completely made of awesome and there's good writing and alien bananas and space herpes and crack and funny one-liners and really really hot mental images. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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It's the only show I've ever watched where, when I'm sitting there squealing for the characters to just make out already, THEY ACTUALLY DO. I'm SO not used to that! It's like the show is written by fandom. Maybe Kripke and Davies got together over lunch one day, and that's the root of all those SPN fandom references....

*needs Torchwood icons*
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*is so, so late to this party, but oh well*

One of my favorite bits of Torchwood so far (me and everyone else, I'm sure):

Vid under the cut )
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Ok, so I've been watching Torchwood for the first time.

For the first three episodes, it was ok, entertaining, nothing THAT special.

Then, suddenly, in episode four, it became one of the BEST THINGS EVER.

*bows down to the slash gods*


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