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Nov. 2nd, 2010 09:36 pm
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Know what would be nice? If Twitter would load for me. I wanna talk to people and chat about boys and rage over Rand Paul and unf over those new J2 pics and now I just feel lonely. *pout*
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Dude, how fucking awesome is our president? I love stern, passionate, ridiculously intelligent Obama! Honestly, I wish he was like this all the time. Today was amazing.
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Just finished watching Food, Inc. and found it incredibly disturbing. Sickening. Heart wrenching.

Highly recommended, but only if you really want to know. This may be a case in which ignorance is bliss...if you're willing to take the chance.

ETA: So I've been doing some more research into this, and it's simply revolting. I honestly don't think I'm going to eat anything tomorrow until I can get down to Whole Foods. *shudder*
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House passes health care bill, 220-215! *is shocked that congress actually managed to DO something for once*

I don't have high hopes for the Senate to pass anything, but at least this is a start.
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Oh my god, did you guys just see Jon absolutely take it to Jim Cramer? It was heart-stoppingly brilliant.

I've seen Jon do this before, pretend like it's all going to be a big joke and then go totally balls-to-the-wall serious with it. I respect the man to no end for having the courage to do that.

I actually felt a tiny bit bad for Cramer. He clearly wasn't expecting it, so he pretty much just took his punches and was a good sport about the whole thing.

Seriously. Go watch it. It is a thing of beauty.


Also: while we're speaking politics, may I just say how incredibly awesome I think the first fifty-some days of Obama's administration have been? That man gets shit done. I have never been so proud of this country in my life. YAY.


Mar. 8th, 2009 03:50 am
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"Bottom line: If you're a "Watchmen" fan, there's something sick about you. You're sick if you enjoy watching wanton rape, torture, and murder, no matter what the background for it is. I don't care if it first appeared in a warped comic book paraded with a high-brow euphemism for comic book."

- Debbie Schlussel, found here

This is why I can't fucking stand far-right conservatives. They don't even try to see the other side. They don't listen. I can totally understand how someone could not particularly like the graphic violence in a movie like Watchmen. They have the right to not see it, just as I have the right to see it. I don't judge that. She, however, has passed blanket judgement. We're all "warped and stupid" and "maybe your sister should be fed to dogs and your mother raped and your brother should have his arms sawed off. You know, just to make the point."

She also has completely, completely missed the point of the comic. For one, it actually did seem quite right-leaning to me. Secondly...I'm a writer. I know good writing. I'm a student of philosophy. I know deep, interesting ideas. This story has both. Calling those who do see that stupid just because you don't is absolutely the height of irony.

*deep sigh*

Seriously. This chick's nuts.


Jan. 20th, 2009 03:57 pm
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So yeah, Obama's speech made me cry. For me, this represents the triumph of intellect and reason over willful ignorance. I can't say enough how much that means to me.
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Obama has won! I should have posted last night, when I was all teary and moved and hopeful and so ridiculously proud of this country that I could barely express it, but I ended up just collapsing into bed instead. I cannot even tell you how happy this makes me.

However...Prop 8 in CA looks to be passing, which is absolutely heartbreaking. I honestly hope that it's one of the last major acts of social conservatism in this nation, and that President-Elect Obama is ready to lead us into a future free of such blatant, hateful discrimination.

I was so happy and caught up in news coverage that I couldn't even properly fangirl over Jon and Stephen sitting at the same desk! I'll have to watch that again for the slashy content, when I'm not so preoccupied. :-)
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Oh my god...everyone at Fox News has such a complete boner for Sarah Palin, it's not even funny. Well, actually it kinda is. I wanted to see the clips of her on SNL (as we don't get that channel anymore), and what's up on YouTube is Fox's recap of the show, and it's just amazing. All this Oh my God, (that word is, of course, capitalized when they say it) she's such a good sport! She looked so great raising the roof! She's so funny! Hahahahaha! Yeah, whatever, bitches. She only showed up because she had to, and everyone working on SNL still only likes her because she's giving them great material to parody. I hope to god that this month is the last we hear of her in any media, including the news.

On the plus side...TRUE BLOOD! They gave us SO MUCH Sookie and Bill fucking! And damn, I could watch that all day long. Ok, that sounds a little pervy...but seriously! We're so starved for real sex scenes in most media that when we actually get them, we want LOTS. Case in point: QaF. I could NEVER get tired of watching Brian and Justin fuck. So I hope there's lots more hot kinky vampire sex, and, this being HBO, I'm pretty confident there will be. I wasn't super attracted to Bill when I first started watching the show, but now I'm completely lusting after him. For once, a good-guy vampire who's NOT A COMPLETE PUSSY! That's what I would totally want - someone who, if I asked, would bite me. Someone who'd run out and exact revenge on people who hurt me. Someone who still acted like a vampire instead of being in a constant state of repression and denial. I liked Angel, and I really liked Spike, but I wouldn't describe either one of them as exactly hardcore. Bill is beautifully intense, and I love it.

Don't even get me started on Edward. Bill would fuck that little bitch's shit UP.


Oct. 16th, 2008 05:52 am
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Go watch what McCain said in the debate about health of the mother as it pertains to abortion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGZOyxfiNoU&feature=user

This makes me mad. Really mad. As in, if I had been supporting McCain on everything else up to this point, that would have been a deal-breaker right there. To clarify: abortion has never been a big issue to me. I would most likely never have one myself, but I think it should be a personal decision. But I keep putting myself in this position...if I'm lying there in the hospital and they tell me that I have to abort the child or die, it is my right to be able to make that choice. Because I choose me. I don't want a ban passed by some old man who will never, ever have to deal with this issue personally to take that right away from me. I can't even believe that McCain said that. I hope this gets the outrage it fucking deserves, because seriously. I'm like the anti-feminist, and this made even me want to go out and start screaming.


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:42 am
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Thank you for the well-wishes in the last post, everyone! *hugs* My sister and I are going to sit down tomorrow and start seriously planning, which makes me very excited!

It's been a good few days. We went to see Religulous yesterday, which I adored. Bill Maher expresses my opinions about religion better than I could. I love him! The movie was really funny as well. The friends we were with didn't fully agree with some of the ideas in the movie, but they laughed at least as much as we did.

I'm totally looking forward to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan, but I really liked Dogma and I generally find something to laugh at in his other films. And, of course, I love Seth Rogan! The man can simply do no wrong.

In diet news:

I've lost five pounds! I certainly wasn't eating perfect over the weekend, mostly due to Mom and Dad leaving and Grandma cooking for us every night, but the scale's definitely heading in the right direction. I went for another hike/run yesterday, which was pretty good. However, I did learn the importance of a good warmup - try to do too much too fast and you feel awful.

Speaking of Mom and Dad, they're doing well. I told them to call me every day they're on the road, and so far they are. I just worry about all that driving. They're both good drivers, but there are a lot of bad ones out there. Last I talked to them, they were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and were VERY happy to be done with Iowa and Nebraska! They're very sick of the car, but I think they're enjoying finally being on the road after all the stress of moving out and saying goodbye.

True Blood Sunday night was awesome. I'm completely hooked at this point. I'm very behind on Supernatural and Heroes, as I can no longer watch either of them at their normal times, but I'm going to catch up by watching them online at some point. I hear they're both going pretty well, especially SPN.

My new novel just hit 18k. It's going well, if a bit disjointed because I keep writing it without looking back to see what's already there. I want to get it to 25k by the time NaNo starts and attempt to finish the draft completely during November.

Oh yeah...and the economy totally sucks. I guess the financial world is supposed to end today or something. But honestly? Until I can't afford to buy food or pay my rent, I'm not going to worry. We'll deal, the way we always do.

The plus side? Bad economy = Obama up in the polls, which means a happy Sulwen!
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Proof that the sexiest thing about a man is his brain: I'm starting to be seriously attracted to Bill Maher. He's not a handsome guy. But suddenly I'm having fantasies that involve oral sex and long, angry rants about the government.

I scare myself sometimes. But in a good way. *sheepish grin*

Also, I just finished watching an episode of True Blood on HBO - I think it was the second episode, possibly? Anyway, I honestly wasn't interested and I wouldn't have gone out of my way to watch it, but it was on, so I did. Here's the verdict:

Cons: I hate the setting. The American south and I don't get along. I have issues with rednecks, having grown up around them most of my life. The show is VERY redneck.

Pros: OMG THIS IS WHY I LOVE HBO. Because it can GO THERE when every other network (save my lovely Showtime) pussies out. Because there's BLOOD AND VIOLENCE AND SEX AND BONDAGE AND CURSING AND BREATHPLAY AND BLOODPLAY AND HIGH PRODUCTION VALUES AND AN HOUR WITH NO COMMERICALS AND OH MY GOD SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL FUCKING BLOOD AND BITING AND LICKING AND I LOVE IT. Plus I've always liked Anna Paquin, even when she's got that damn southern accent. And, no matter how fucked up this may be, I can only stomach het pairings these days when there's some kind of power play (or an even more hardcore kink) going on, and anything vampire totally satisfies that requirement.

Conclusion: I may be hooked. It's campy and certainly not the best written or acted thing on the planet, but I might still have to watch it for the totally shallow reasons listed above.

Mostly though? It made me want to watch Buffy. I think I'm off to watch some of my favorite moments from that show (First kisses! Biting! Rough angry break-the-building sex!) and lament the fact that it WASN'T on HBO.
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Why is it suddenly a bad thing to suggest policies based on European ideas? Someone explain to me how this is bad!

*does not understand*


Aug. 29th, 2008 01:08 pm
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If all the fucking women of this country vote for fucking McCain because he put a fucking woman on the ticket, I will FLIP THE FUCK OUT.

I hate my stupid gender.
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So I'm watching old episodes of The Daily Show on the Comedy Central website. And man, 1999 Jon Stewart is...rather pathetically adorable. I just want to hug him and say, it's ok, no one noticed you struggling through that laugh-free interview, I promise! It's amazing how much he's improved over the years. It's almost sad to love an ongoing TV show so much, because I'm going to be pretty crushed when it ends.

Also, the headlines in '99 seem awfully naive compared to today. I mean, all that uproar about the whole Monica Lewinsky thing? You watch it today, and it's nothing. It seems ridiculous after everything Bush put the country through. You know?

The best clip I've come across so far:



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