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Seems to be a pattern, huh? :D

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Hello, new friends! This is all your fault, you know, spamming my flist with memes of interest!

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I don't have girlcrushes often. To be honest, the Js take up most of my perving time and energy - which is a considerable accomplishment on their part, pretty boys that they are!

However, occasionally I get whacked in the head with attraction for someone of the female variety, and good GOD does it hit me hard.

Oh Karen Gillan, the things I would do to you, lovely girl...

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Gorgeous, no? Interestingly, I think I may be developing a type. The only other girl I can remember falling this hard for is Summer Glau, who has kind of a similar look going on (and oh, fuck ME, this picture is amazing):

Which segues nicely into one of my (and fandom's, I think!) favorite Firefly quotes - I'll be in my bunk!
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Because there can never be enough posting of The Pretty. Also, I ran across a SPN picture gallery and couldn't resist.

A (mostly) Season Four Picspam - watch out for spoilers through aired episodes, a ridiculously huge number of pictures, Wincest, and my silly fangirl ramblings! )

Ok. That's all. I hope it's as enjoyable to look at as it was to make...I had WAY too much fun captioning!

*loves her fandom*
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I felt the need to make a post about this, since I just had a bit of a wank-fest about my dislike for my gender in general and feminism in particular. Must restore some semblance of balance to the universe!

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And a bonus female character that I HATE WITH THE BURNING FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS )

So have I made my point? Some women are awesome. They have to have a few key qualities, which sadly seem to be very rare, but that's all.

There. *balance restored*
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Stolen from [ profile] petitchouette

Hottest In Fiction
1. Choose ten fictional characters, male or female, (or ten of each, or any assortment,) that you consider "hot".
2. Find a picture to demonstrate their hotness.
3. Explain...if you like. Sometimes hotness can't be defined in words.
4. Pass it on! Share the sexiness...the internet could be a more beautiful place!

Ok, I couldn't narrow it down to you get 20! I ranked them the best that I could, but except for perhaps the top five, the rest are basically a tie. It was SO HARD leaving out real people! I never realized I shipped so much RPS. I also couldn't always decide on just one picture, so this is QUITE IMAGE-HEAVY.

You're also going to hear quite a lot of blatant sexual talk, so just be warned.

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Fun facts about my list!

Characters who are anti-heroes or villains: 12/20
Characters who are much, much older than myself: 6/20
Characters who have dark hair: 14/20
Characters who I would define as snarky: 12/20
Characters who have definite sadistic tendencies: 8/20
Characters who I read most often paired with other men: 16/20
Characters originating in books: 3
Movies: 2
TV shows: 11
Comics/Manga: 3
Video Games: 1

Yeah, I just spent way too much time on that...
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Yep, just what it sounds like. I went searching for an icon to suit my last post and got caught up in the pretty. All pics are shamelessly yanked from Google image search. Warnings for large and most likely common images, fangirlish commentary, and boys being just stupidly gorgeous.

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