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So Glam Nation is over, having ended triumphantly in two fantastic LA shows. Adam fandom is probably going to be a little quiet for a while - or, at least, quieter.

I've seen a lot of people ask "What do we do now?" So, me being the caring and generous person I am, I've decided to start working on a little bit of a fandom primer. Being a multi-fandom person is a great thing! Adam takes well-deserved breaks, TV shows go on hiatus, there are years in between the release of new movies or books in a series. It's awesome to be able to bounce around to where the activity is. And hey, having more than one fandom means always having new fic to read!

Ok, enough of me rambling. Here we go. Today, I'm talking about my favorite TV show and fandom ever: Supernatural.

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I'll be doing more fandom primers in the next weeks, I think. I hope someone out there finds them helpful!
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I think Gareth would get along fabulously with the Js. I'm not sure they would know what to do with JB (particularly Jen, who seems to embarrass easily), but Gareth seems like the type of guy who would be easy to hang out with. Watching his con footage, he reminds me of them. Someone should write Gareth/boys hanging out fic.

Although I can see Misha and JB becoming fast friends and possibly taking over the universe. Perhaps those two should be kept AWAY from each other... :-)
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Well, we're back home after an amazing weekend - [ profile] chez_amanda and I had a fantastic time! I know she posted a very detailed con report on her journal, so I'm not going to go through every detail here. However, here are the parts that stand out to me the most - the best of the best:

- Richard showing up instead of Jake. No hate, but I LOVE the Trickster, and Richard was awesome and hilarious.

- Traci being beautiful and awesome, and casually mentioning her dominatrix phase. I want her back on the show!

- Alona being super-sweet. I wish they'd let her play Jo more like herself - that would have been much better than the scripted character, and I think she kind of agrees.

- Traci calling her mom and Aldis calling his girlfriend. Adorable!

- Getting to ask Misha a question and actually have a little conversation with him during his panel.

- Getting to talk to Misha AGAIN during autograph signings, and having his face about six inches away from mine. Surreal!

- Jared and Jensen being incredibly nice during the whole process. I loved that they came out after the autograph session to apologize about being so rushed (and yeah, it was SUPER rushed compared to the others). They seemed at ease and friendly and gracious and humble during all of it, and I REALLY appreciate that.

- Meeting other fans and seeing how awesome 99% of our fandom really is - even the 1% of crazy kept it reined in for the most part.

- Winning a round of Supernatural trivia! I had a great time spending the $250, all on autographed pics of celebs from other cons. Obsession pays off!

- Rob being all adorable and nervous, it being his first con, and Misha texting him good luck.

- Coming out of the whole experience with renewed love and respect for the show as well as its cast and crew. The whole weekend was very warm and loving - I hope the celebs felt it as much as we did!

- Basically, just a wonderful weekend all the way around. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who gets an opportunity to go!
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I'm getting strong feelings of irony...*giggle*


Apr. 19th, 2009 11:18 am
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The next ep of SPN is going to kill me. You know how some people got really squicked by the fandom mentions last episode? Well, I just watched a few clips from next week, and I seriously think I'm going to be WAY MORE SQUICKED byspoilers for next episode ) I'm sure Kripke will work it out so it's awesome, because he's good at stuff like that, but still. WEIRDED OUT.

ETA: Also, HOLY FUCK THE SLASH AT THIS CON! Misha/Jared assfucking, Misha asking the Js if it's hard to play brothers onscreen when they're lovers in real life, etc, etc, on and on...I think they've just given up, when it comes to the slashiness. They seem to be getting progressively slashier at every con - who knows where they'll be by Chicago! *grin*


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