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So Glam Nation is over, having ended triumphantly in two fantastic LA shows. Adam fandom is probably going to be a little quiet for a while - or, at least, quieter.

I've seen a lot of people ask "What do we do now?" So, me being the caring and generous person I am, I've decided to start working on a little bit of a fandom primer. Being a multi-fandom person is a great thing! Adam takes well-deserved breaks, TV shows go on hiatus, there are years in between the release of new movies or books in a series. It's awesome to be able to bounce around to where the activity is. And hey, having more than one fandom means always having new fic to read!

Ok, enough of me rambling. Here we go. Today, I'm talking about my favorite TV show and fandom ever: Supernatural.

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I'll be doing more fandom primers in the next weeks, I think. I hope someone out there finds them helpful!

LA Con

Mar. 29th, 2009 11:30 pm
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From [ profile] juice817:

AHAHAHAHA I forgot one story! Someone asked them about the wrap party and they said they didn't know, they didn't make it. They flew here yesterday to be with us instead and, to quote Jensen, "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night." Then he smirked and added "That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning."

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Happy by [ profile] proofpudding

Amazing, amazing stuff - all my favorite J2 video AND audio clips in one place! Will definitely leave you with a big shmoopy grin on your face.
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Go read this fic. Now. Do it.

Under the Big Top

Dude. BULLET-PROOF KINKS LIKE WHOA. Jensen in a sex-related career. Creative fucking. CWRPS cameos. Pretty!Jen. Big!Strong!Jared. Dirty talk. Reluctant!Jen. Seductive!Jared. Frottage. Mouth-fucking. Role play. Knife play. There's even sweet, slow kissing and adorable!boys.

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Some kind soul got the SPN S3 DVDs early and uploaded the gag reel!!!!!!!!

I have been reduced to a quivering pile of fangirl back after I've watched it again and can think semi-rational thoughts again...

Uber-detailed squeeage under the cut!

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That was some SERIOUS fanservice right there! Those boys know just what we want, and they gave it to us! *loves to DEATH*


Aug. 19th, 2008 01:03 pm
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“Um,” Jared says awkwardly. “So – we’re really doing this, huh?”

“You mean having an actual relationship where no money is exchanged and we have a lot of awesome sex?” Jensen asks, smirking. “Yeah, we are.”


From "Something Borrowed, Something Blue," here:
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I love it when authors, in their J2 AU fic, will cast other real people that the boys know and hang out with as characters. Chad shows up a lot, as well as Jeff, Mike, Tom, and Sandy. Sometimes Kripke even gets a mention. It just makes me smile.

Good Day

Aug. 16th, 2008 12:50 pm
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Yay for my Rogi winning doubles gold! He played beautifully, and he was so damn emotional on court, yelling out and fist-pumping and even smiling, which I've NEVER seen him do during a match. All the hugging and high-fiving and touching makes me wish desperately for some Roger/Rafa doubles play!

Quote of the match, by one of the commentators: "Federer's running around like crazy out there...he's turned into Nadal all of a sudden!"

In addition...I could read Sam/Dean and J2 fic for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. It's SO DAMN GOOD. I've never been in a fandom with so many talented and wonderful people, and I love, love, love it.
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I've pretty much been watching J2 vids from various cons around the country all night. Those boys are so cute and funny and entertaining, and they work so well together even when they're just answering stupid questions about kilts and singing and their favorite words. I simply can't get enough! I'll totally be buying the third season DVD even though I've watched all the episodes online already, because it'll be worth it just for the commentary and the gag reel.

*goes to search for more good novel-length J2 fic*


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