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So what should I do about my parents?

Well, whatever you do, don't tell them a bottom banged you barebare.

- The Big Gay Musical

Also, I apparently cannot watch any movie with even a hint of gay without simultaneously re-imagining it as a J2 AU. And to be honest, I really can't see how this is a bad thing!
sulwen: (facepalm) suddenly want to write a J2 AU about the boys as a two-man luge team.

ETA: So I'm organizing my mp3 player, and I realize that I've accidentally added the J2 panel and breakfast vids from ChiCon. So I go to delete them because video takes up space, and one starts playing instead.

And OH MY GOD, how many times is it POSSIBLE to fall in love with the same people??? It's nothing I haven't seen before, SEVERAL times, and yet I have the hugest grin on my face. Love them. Love love love. LOVE.


Jan. 30th, 2010 02:34 pm
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I wonder if there's anyone else out there who kills time during long, boring traveling on WoW by reading J2 porn?
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Yes, still sick. Not as sick, mainly just coughing still, but my god is it an annoying cough.

BUT! Of course I had to make a post when Jared's engagement was confirmed, FINALLY, after being rumored for months.

And...I kind of don't really care. At all. I mean, yeah, I want the best for him and hope he's happy, but as to how it effects my shipping of the boys? Not in the slightest.

You see, I have a long history with RPS, and more often than not there are girlfriends, wives, kids in the picture. My RPS ships have included plenty of marrieds: John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Roger Federer, John Barrowman, and oh so many wrestlers, just to name a few. Generally, I simply don't care. I just ignore the relationship in favor of the one I prefer to imagine.

And that's what I think is going to happen in this case. The boys will get married, some of the crazier fans will lose their shit and probably disappear, and then we'll go on shipping just as we've always done.

I talked about this when Jen's engagement came out. The SPN fandom is fucking spoiled as hell. It's incredibly rare to have a real-life ship like this with both people completely single and unattached. We need to get over ourselves and join the rest of the fandom world by accepting the obstacles and working around them.

So that's pretty much all I have to say on that. LONG LIVE J2!!!

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I find it amusing how different the attitudes toward certain things are in different fandoms.

In the Torchwood fandom, for instance, they seem to be INCREDIBLY touchy about RPS. Like, I had to be approved to even see the fic. After years of J2, that seems absolutely ridiculous to me.

Anyone know why this is? Was there some big wankfest that scared everyone away or something?
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I don't usually enjoy manips, mostly because they're generally not very well done and it just looks silly.

These, though? These I enjoyed. They're still silly, but they look close enough to real that if I just squint a bit, I can believe it.

They've all been resized - they're bigger and better in their original formats.

Hotness of epic proportions - NSFW )

All of these can be found here, in the Aarinfantasy gallery. I didn't make them, and I'm not sure who did.
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God damn. When the Torchwood fandom decides to wank, my GOD do they wank! I am frightened and actually pretty glad I wasn't around for the particular incident I've been reading about. More proof that the SPN fandom is not special in this respect: ALL BIG FANDOMS CAN BE BATSHIT CRAZY.

Also, I've written 12k in the last twelve hours. My writing muscles hurt. I'm going to try for 2k more before bed and then a 10k day tomorrow. If I can do that, I win. And then I'll promptly collapse, my fingers frozen into permanent claws. Wish me luck!

ETA: From a lovely bit of meta (I know, right? Meta? Me? Oh Torchwood...) by [ profile] solitary_summer:

Regardless, there remains the fact that except for those few moments and a bit of flirting early on, up until the last episode most of the time Jack and Ianto are almost doing the antithesis of what in other shows creates slashy vibes between people who never had and never will have an on-screen kiss or any kind of relationship in canon. No looks, no touches, no standing in each other's space. Except for Cyberwoman, the first time they're even on screen together for any length of time is Combat.

I find this point to be incredibly interesting. From this perspective, Sam and Dean are WAY slashier than Jack and Ianto, at least in TW S1. It speaks to the difference between slash and actually portraying same-gender relationships on screen. We often use the term interchangeably for convenience's sake, but that's not really accurate, at least in my mind. If the characters are actually shown to be in a relationship, it's not slash. And though I do dearly, dearly love seeing same-gender relationships on screen (I CANNOT STRESS THIS POINT ENOUGH: I LOVE IT), I think slash is ultimately more fun. Sam and Dean (and Jared and Jensen, for that matter) have eternal possibilities: any number of first kisses, for example, in endless different scenarios. Because we haven't seen it, we're free to create it.

And thus ends my extremely lame bit of late-night meta.

Also: apparently Torchwood is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Here I was thinking it was just this fun, pretty, and awesome but ultimately pretty shallow show, and people are actually sitting down and pulling philosophy out of it. Kudos, I say, from a fellow philosophy buff,, I just did not get that AT ALL.
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Last night's dream, which just ended: super-hot Fedal sexing, followed by a montage (yes, literally - [ profile] chez_amanda and I sitting in a theatre watching a montage) of Jensen and Jared being adorable and hilarious - like an unseen gag reel! YAY SUBCONSCIOUS!

Also, a meme, stolen from the aforementioned [ profile] chez_amanda:

Choose five series (no peeking before you choose them), list them, and then answer the questions behind the cut.

1. Supernatural
2. True Blood
3. Merlin
4. Torchwood
5. Firefly

The Questions )


Nov. 18th, 2009 12:50 am
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Angsty J2 breakup fic just made me cry. Literally. Cry.

Caught up on all (important) shows. WIN.

Latest Merlin was sweet and sad and I liked it quite a lot.

Latest House was sad and (kind of in a way) shippy and had only one or two awesome parts, but they were worth it.

I really should not read more than one [ profile] fandom_secrets post at a time, because my tolerance for wank is not that high.

Apparently there's going to be a book about SPN fandom. I have mixed feelings on this.

In work-related news, I am scheduled thirty parties in twenty days next month. I also have only three days off in that stretch of twenty.

Also, I am almost 10k behind on my NaNo. Damn you, ChiCon, for getting me behind! (Not really, bb, I lurve you and am super sad you're over, hugs&kisses)

*sleepy Sarah should probably not post when sleepy as her writing ability kind of goes to shit, and for this she apologizes*

ETA: Random internet rumors about Jared and Gen are annoying me. Can't we all just mind our own business until something official comes out, if it ever does? *angry eyes*
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Well, we're back home after an amazing weekend - [ profile] chez_amanda and I had a fantastic time! I know she posted a very detailed con report on her journal, so I'm not going to go through every detail here. However, here are the parts that stand out to me the most - the best of the best:

- Richard showing up instead of Jake. No hate, but I LOVE the Trickster, and Richard was awesome and hilarious.

- Traci being beautiful and awesome, and casually mentioning her dominatrix phase. I want her back on the show!

- Alona being super-sweet. I wish they'd let her play Jo more like herself - that would have been much better than the scripted character, and I think she kind of agrees.

- Traci calling her mom and Aldis calling his girlfriend. Adorable!

- Getting to ask Misha a question and actually have a little conversation with him during his panel.

- Getting to talk to Misha AGAIN during autograph signings, and having his face about six inches away from mine. Surreal!

- Jared and Jensen being incredibly nice during the whole process. I loved that they came out after the autograph session to apologize about being so rushed (and yeah, it was SUPER rushed compared to the others). They seemed at ease and friendly and gracious and humble during all of it, and I REALLY appreciate that.

- Meeting other fans and seeing how awesome 99% of our fandom really is - even the 1% of crazy kept it reined in for the most part.

- Winning a round of Supernatural trivia! I had a great time spending the $250, all on autographed pics of celebs from other cons. Obsession pays off!

- Rob being all adorable and nervous, it being his first con, and Misha texting him good luck.

- Coming out of the whole experience with renewed love and respect for the show as well as its cast and crew. The whole weekend was very warm and loving - I hope the celebs felt it as much as we did!

- Basically, just a wonderful weekend all the way around. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who gets an opportunity to go!


Nov. 12th, 2009 12:57 am
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ChiCon schedule just went up. My favorite bit:

12:30pm – 1:30pm Jensen & Jared Q&A. Jensen and Jared have asked to appear together on stage for their full timeframe.

Yes please! As much as I like boys alone, I like boys together even better!
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So I bought The Sims 3 recently, despite knowing that it would definitely detract from my writing time.

I totally made a J2 household. There's also totally a story that goes along with the game - in my head, anyway. I call it "Jared and Jensen Get Married and Move to a Luxurious Beachfront Property Wherin Jared Works Out, Jensen Plays Guitar, and They Have Lots and Lots of Sex."

I am not ashamed, though I feel like perhaps I should be.

ETA: Also, I just laughed so hard at the intro for the new episode of Sunny that I literally sent myself into a five minute coughing fit. Huge props for the hilarity of the episode, but not so much for me or my lungs.


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