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Yay for Alice having a record-breaking weekend! I have celebrated by watching two other versions of the story (old-school Disney and Hallmark, which is actually shockingly awesome) and by ordering a copy of The Annotated Alice. Here's hoping the movie has some legs on it!

Also, did anyone catch House last night? My DVR cut off the last couple of lines.
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What a goddamn waste of an episode.
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Ok, so I know this post is about a month late to the party, but House 6x11? FUCKING AMAZING! Can't BELIEVE they went so slashy on network! And I LOVE seeing fanfic tropes appear in canon! AWESOME ALL THE WAY AROUND.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 01:54 am
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So, how about this week's House? Is it just me, or did they seriously just turn the slash dial up to eleven? I'm actually going to be disappointed if they don't end up making out, because this season just seems like it's GOING THERE.

Also - YAY A WILSON EPISODE! *smooshes him*

ETA: After a moment of browsing the House/Wilson, it wasn't just me. And apparently, next week's episode is supposed to top this one? I don't see HOW, I want it to be next Monday now, please! *waits impatiently*


Nov. 18th, 2009 12:50 am
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Angsty J2 breakup fic just made me cry. Literally. Cry.

Caught up on all (important) shows. WIN.

Latest Merlin was sweet and sad and I liked it quite a lot.

Latest House was sad and (kind of in a way) shippy and had only one or two awesome parts, but they were worth it.

I really should not read more than one [ profile] fandom_secrets post at a time, because my tolerance for wank is not that high.

Apparently there's going to be a book about SPN fandom. I have mixed feelings on this.

In work-related news, I am scheduled thirty parties in twenty days next month. I also have only three days off in that stretch of twenty.

Also, I am almost 10k behind on my NaNo. Damn you, ChiCon, for getting me behind! (Not really, bb, I lurve you and am super sad you're over, hugs&kisses)

*sleepy Sarah should probably not post when sleepy as her writing ability kind of goes to shit, and for this she apologizes*

ETA: Random internet rumors about Jared and Gen are annoying me. Can't we all just mind our own business until something official comes out, if it ever does? *angry eyes*

House 6x01

Sep. 23rd, 2009 12:05 am
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Spoilers under cut... )

All in all, amazing. This episode transcends where I ever thought the show would go. Kudos to them for doing something different and brave - hopefully, the rest of the season will be worthy of the premiere.
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Stolen from [ profile] petitchouette

Hottest In Fiction
1. Choose ten fictional characters, male or female, (or ten of each, or any assortment,) that you consider "hot".
2. Find a picture to demonstrate their hotness.
3. Explain...if you like. Sometimes hotness can't be defined in words.
4. Pass it on! Share the sexiness...the internet could be a more beautiful place!

Ok, I couldn't narrow it down to you get 20! I ranked them the best that I could, but except for perhaps the top five, the rest are basically a tie. It was SO HARD leaving out real people! I never realized I shipped so much RPS. I also couldn't always decide on just one picture, so this is QUITE IMAGE-HEAVY.

You're also going to hear quite a lot of blatant sexual talk, so just be warned.

On to the hotness! )

Fun facts about my list!

Characters who are anti-heroes or villains: 12/20
Characters who are much, much older than myself: 6/20
Characters who have dark hair: 14/20
Characters who I would define as snarky: 12/20
Characters who have definite sadistic tendencies: 8/20
Characters who I read most often paired with other men: 16/20
Characters originating in books: 3
Movies: 2
TV shows: 11
Comics/Manga: 3
Video Games: 1

Yeah, I just spent way too much time on that...
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I'm almost embarrassed to be making this list, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Sometimes, when I've had a bad day, I like to go on YouTube and listen to the craziest music I can find. It's usually accompanying anime fanvids, which really only makes it better. There no pick-me-up better than some good crack!

And thus, for future reference, my list of crazy, cracked-out, feel-good music - now with links!

31 songs under the cut... )

I'm even weirder than you thought, right? Yeah. I know.
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Things To Love About "House" Fic, Even After Reading Only A Small Selection:

-Snark. Loads and loads of snark. EPIC snark.
-Random medical observations at rather unusual times (prostate...*giggles*).
-Damaged characters. Because I like my porn with a side of emotional baggage!
-That whole friends-becoming-more dynamic, which is a love of mine.
-Characters that are so right for each other you can't even imagine them with anyone else, ever.
-Older, arrogant, and ridiculously intelligent authority figure. Pretty much my perfect man.
-Lots of canon evidence.
-Big fandom with lots of fic! Yay!


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