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Stolen from [ profile] petitchouette

Hottest In Fiction
1. Choose ten fictional characters, male or female, (or ten of each, or any assortment,) that you consider "hot".
2. Find a picture to demonstrate their hotness.
3. Explain...if you like. Sometimes hotness can't be defined in words.
4. Pass it on! Share the sexiness...the internet could be a more beautiful place!

Ok, I couldn't narrow it down to you get 20! I ranked them the best that I could, but except for perhaps the top five, the rest are basically a tie. It was SO HARD leaving out real people! I never realized I shipped so much RPS. I also couldn't always decide on just one picture, so this is QUITE IMAGE-HEAVY.

You're also going to hear quite a lot of blatant sexual talk, so just be warned.

On to the hotness! )

Fun facts about my list!

Characters who are anti-heroes or villains: 12/20
Characters who are much, much older than myself: 6/20
Characters who have dark hair: 14/20
Characters who I would define as snarky: 12/20
Characters who have definite sadistic tendencies: 8/20
Characters who I read most often paired with other men: 16/20
Characters originating in books: 3
Movies: 2
TV shows: 11
Comics/Manga: 3
Video Games: 1

Yeah, I just spent way too much time on that...


Oct. 7th, 2008 10:42 am
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Thank you for the well-wishes in the last post, everyone! *hugs* My sister and I are going to sit down tomorrow and start seriously planning, which makes me very excited!

It's been a good few days. We went to see Religulous yesterday, which I adored. Bill Maher expresses my opinions about religion better than I could. I love him! The movie was really funny as well. The friends we were with didn't fully agree with some of the ideas in the movie, but they laughed at least as much as we did.

I'm totally looking forward to Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan, but I really liked Dogma and I generally find something to laugh at in his other films. And, of course, I love Seth Rogan! The man can simply do no wrong.

In diet news:

I've lost five pounds! I certainly wasn't eating perfect over the weekend, mostly due to Mom and Dad leaving and Grandma cooking for us every night, but the scale's definitely heading in the right direction. I went for another hike/run yesterday, which was pretty good. However, I did learn the importance of a good warmup - try to do too much too fast and you feel awful.

Speaking of Mom and Dad, they're doing well. I told them to call me every day they're on the road, and so far they are. I just worry about all that driving. They're both good drivers, but there are a lot of bad ones out there. Last I talked to them, they were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and were VERY happy to be done with Iowa and Nebraska! They're very sick of the car, but I think they're enjoying finally being on the road after all the stress of moving out and saying goodbye.

True Blood Sunday night was awesome. I'm completely hooked at this point. I'm very behind on Supernatural and Heroes, as I can no longer watch either of them at their normal times, but I'm going to catch up by watching them online at some point. I hear they're both going pretty well, especially SPN.

My new novel just hit 18k. It's going well, if a bit disjointed because I keep writing it without looking back to see what's already there. I want to get it to 25k by the time NaNo starts and attempt to finish the draft completely during November.

Oh yeah...and the economy totally sucks. I guess the financial world is supposed to end today or something. But honestly? Until I can't afford to buy food or pay my rent, I'm not going to worry. We'll deal, the way we always do.

The plus side? Bad economy = Obama up in the polls, which means a happy Sulwen!
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I'm almost embarrassed to be making this list, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Sometimes, when I've had a bad day, I like to go on YouTube and listen to the craziest music I can find. It's usually accompanying anime fanvids, which really only makes it better. There no pick-me-up better than some good crack!

And thus, for future reference, my list of crazy, cracked-out, feel-good music - now with links!

31 songs under the cut... )

I'm even weirder than you thought, right? Yeah. I know.
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Ok, I wanted to type up my reaction to the Heroes premiere before reading anything else about it, because sometimes fandom kills my buzz.

Under the cut, in case anyone hasn't seen the first two episodes yet... )
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So now I HAVE to write something involving both Nathan/Peter and Sam/Dean, because LORD that would be a fun fic! They would just...get each other. And there's even a comm for Heroes/Supernatural crossovers.

I love my fucked-up fandoms! *grin*
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"Milo and I start up first thing Monday morning (5:30 am) and I am super jazzed to get cracking on season three. Not that I am in it. I might be dead. Or a ghost even. Or some guy named Larry who can't find his keys. This is HEROES. Anything can happen...."

- From Adrian's YouTube account.

*SQUEE!* My favorite character might not be dead! Long live the Petrellicest!

Edit: It's possible I may be getting this news VERY late...but I don't care! I'm happy! :-)
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Just finished watching Heroes on DVD. I'm shocked that it actually lived up to the hype - everyone said it was awesome, and lo and behold, it was! It's intelligent and fun and graphic and shocking and exciting and suspenseful and funny and tragic all at the same time - and it's so damn SLASHY! So now I have a new fandom, and it's perfect timing to get in on it, since the new season starts Monday.

*is happy*

Peter/Nathan/Claire = OT3. Seriously.

And a very lovely quote, found in a comment to a smutfic featuring the above pairing:
"Fandom has killed my morals with pretty eyes and gorgeous lips."


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