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So I decided to make a reclist of Adam/Tommy fic, because there’s a lot of it, and I know how hard it can be to find the good stuff when you’re new to a fandom. A couple notes before I start:

- I had to limit myself to a few stories for each author, but I strongly recommend checking out the rest of their works as well!
- I did not list content notes or warnings here. Please make sure to pay attention to them after clicking a link.
- Most of these are my personal favorites, and obviously those are just due to personal preference. However, there are also one or two fics on the list that I actually haven’t read (yet!) but felt compelled to include due to how well-known they are within the fandom.
- There’s no real order here. If it’s on the list, I recommend it!
- There are so many more great stories than what I could include here. Please, if you have a favorite that isn’t listed, link it in the comments!


Astolat - for a fandom classic. The first fic I (and many others) read for this pairing.

Drive-By Devotion (explicit, 7,000 words)

It seemed like a good idea after five martinis in the Wynn high-rollers bar.


Minxie - for some of the best D/s you will ever read

A Need So Fundamental (explicit, 13,000 words)

"It could be so much fucking more." The words are slow and lazy, a direct correlation to the time spent in the air and the amount of liquor Adam consumes when he feels trapped and forced into stillness. "You don't know half of what it could be."


Built Upon the Water’s Edge (mature, 10,000 words)

In which Adam is Adam, Tommy is stubborn, and together they redefine things like relationships and authority. And there's some showering too.


Learning to Breathe (explicit, 6,000 words)

Sometimes you need help catching your breath.


Inherent Attribute of the Soul (explicit, 6,000 words)

Some things are learned, taught to oneself over time, while others are inherent, a permanent and inseparable attribute of the soul.


Bluesoaring - for some of the best porn on the internet (and incredible variety)

The Good Times are Killing Me (explicit, 10,000 words)

It's not co-dependency. It's healthy work-life balance.


We’re not looking for where we belong (explicit, 5,000 words)

There are lines in the sand and Tommy's allowed to touch them, give them a little nudge, but not step right fucking over them like that.


Finish your collapse and stay for breakfast (explicit, 5,000 words)

Adam hauls him in closer, gets down and dirty and oh sweet fucking Jesus, now Tommy is hard for real. This is so fucking awkward.


Give you some of my good time (explicit, 3,000 words)

"For real?" Adam says, stupefied, words tumbling over one another he's in such a hurry to get them out, like the whole thing is flat-out inconceivable. "Nobody's ever fingered you?"


Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you (explicit, 59,000 words)

Some casual, no-strings affection is exactly what Adam says he needs, what Tommy thinks he wants, and tour is a great environment to get it. But for something without strings, the sex with Adam leaves Tommy feeling awfully tangled up, and eventually something has to give.


My_Silent_Hour - for novels so good they should be gracing the shelves of bookstores everywhere

Call the Darkness Light (explicit, 59,000 words)

Adam, a Fallen angel, is in love with Tommy and makes a bet with his guardian angel (Brad) for Tommy's soul, with Adam's freedom at stake.


That Good Night (explicit, 67,000 words)

I did not go gently. I fought, and I fought hard. I fought for Tommy, too. I fought until I figured out just what I was fighting for. And when I figured that out… well, that’s when I decided that perhaps gently was the best way to go after all.


And Adam Makes Three (explicit, 97,000 words)

“So what do we do?”

“We do what hurts.”

A sickening chill worked its way through Adam’s chest. “I don’t share well.”

“Neither do I,” Sam said, then he turned and looked Adam in the eye. “But we agreed to do what’s best for Tommy. If he needs us both, then we give him that.”


NOTE: Gypsy's fic has been removed from the internet.

Gypsyscribbles - for classic fanfic tropes written to perfection

Light in the Dark (explicit, 50,000 words)

AU. Adam and Tommy meet as college roommates, and Adam helps Tommy recover from a dark event in his recent past.


Street Candy (explicit, 17,000 words)

AU where Adam and Tommy meet as young street hustlers.


Scenic Route (explicit, 27,000 words)

Tour!fic. Sometimes you have to take a long journey, to really appreciate the destination.


Heart Laid Bare (explicit, 16,000 words)

AU wherein Adam is a theater major who works as a nude model for his college’s figure drawing class, and Tommy is a music major who needs one last elective to graduate.


Riversbend - for sweet schmoopy porn and the best of the high school AUs

You Only Live Forever (explicit, 69,000 words)

Adam hasn’t seen his best friend Tommy much since his family moved to the other side of LA when they were eleven, and hasn’t seen him at all since Tommy’s thirteenth birthday party. Then Tommy calls out of the blue and Adam discovers the whole thing where he thinks he’d like to kiss a boy someday isn’t just theoretical. But Tommy’s changed a lot since they were little, and Adam isn’t always sure what he’s thinking.

A story of friendship, love, sex, and figuring out who you are.


That Flavor You Like (explicit, 18,000 words)

Since Tommy has been having sex with Adam for almost a year, he feels pretty qualified to say that Adam is not nearly as vanilla as he seems to think he is.


Tommy Joe’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Fucking Awesome Flu (explicit, 10,000 words)

Tommy can't be bothered to shave when he feels like shit, but Adam misses his face.


World Verse (various ratings, multiple parts)

An Adam/Tommy high school AU series


Silentdescant - for fic with a touch (or more) of darkness

Happenstance (explicit, 9,000 words)

"Did you keep all our stuff, when I moved out? Do you still have the handcuffs? And, uh. The rest?"


Take A Step Before You Leap (explicit, 41,000 words)

Tommy has always insisted he's straight, but he’s an open-minded guy. He has all kinds of friends, and he doesn’t judge any of their actions or preferences. So why is it so difficult for him to accept his own attraction to Adam? This is the story of their relationship, from the first audition to the end of the tour.


When Love Fails (explicit, 158,000 words - cowrite with Sulwen)

What starts as rebound sex quickly turns into a downward spiral of co-dependent addiction. Adam and Tommy both bring heavy baggage to their relationship: Adam is being pushed harder and harder every day by an unsympathetic manager and is starting to long for the no-consequences life of anonymity he’s left behind, while Tommy carries the weight of a string of infidelities and personal insecurities. Their relationship takes them to a darker place than either of them could have imagined.


Moodwriter - for fic that will go right to your heart and really make you feel

Fan Service (mature, 10,000 words)

Tommy is falling, gradually. Adam Lambert rules his universe at the moment. Everything he is right now is because of Adam.


Blond and Dangerous (explicit, 12,000 words)

This is what best friends do. Honestly.


Creative Process (explicit, multiple parts)

Creating something together. Without realizing it.


Radiogaga33 - for fic that will break your heart (and maybe put it back together)

And Other Perfect Things (explicit, 36,000 words)

This is a story about transformation, about waking up, but mostly it is a story about how Adam Lambert becomes…well, Adam Lambert.


His Every Percent (explicit, 20,000 words)

Science geek college senior Tommy meets sexy young journalist Adam after a concert and sparks fly.


Laws of Ilyria (explicit, 95,000 words)

Adam is a conquering king hell-bent on revenge against the ruler who destroyed his life as a child. He ends up taking the ruler’s son, Tommy, as tribute after winning the war between the kingdoms. Events unfold.


Lenore - for a perfect balance of storytelling and porn

The Mr. Lambert Effect (explicit, 33,000 words)

A high school AU. Tommy is a bored senior counting down the days until freedom. Spring semester gets a lot more interesting when substitute teacher Mr. Lambert takes over in history class.


Curious Machines (explicit, 7,000 words)

As the lovely no_detective put it, "It's Pretty Women in steampunk times, with sexy fucking machines."


Three is (and isn’t) a Crowd (explicit, 4,000 words)

Adam gets Tommy laid. Laws of physics are respected.


Sulwen - because I guess I should include myself, lol

Under Your Spell (explicit, 7,000 words)

Adam is late coming back from a club one night. Tommy goes to find him.


Falling Slowly (explicit, 11,000 words)

In which Adam needs a break, so Tommy, being the good friend that he is, takes him to a cabin in the middle of the woods for a couple days. Also there is a hot tub...


Pretty Boy (explicit, 4,000 words)

Written for a prompt which asked for Tommy in a skirt, wall!sex in public, protective Adam, dirty talk, and Tommy doing a very public walk of shame with Adam's come leaking out of him.


This list is very much a work in progress! I’m going to go ahead and post it with the intention of adding more, but hopefully this is a good start for anyone looking to get started with Adam/Tommy fic.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave your recs in the comments!


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