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Jun. 24th, 2011 02:58 am
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WIP MEME: post a little bit of each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

1 - At first, Adam doesn't move. Sutan watches the steam rise from his untouched mug, swirling pattens that always ascend. It's beautiful, the just-visible interplay of twining curls, and suddenly he can see those gentle twists in sheer white silk, can feel how they would dance around his body instead of the empty air. And then Adam stirs, drawn by the scent of bergamot and honey, and the design is gone, whisked away as Adam brings the mug to dry lips and drinks. Sutan will try to remember it over a sketchpad later, but it will never seem quite the same as it had in the moment, never quite as perfect.

2 - He turns to see Adam holding the door open, a wide grin of pure relief on his face. They rush inside without another thought, and the heavy door swings closed behind them, slotting back into its resting place beside its fellow. Tommy pauses a moment, staring at the handles, running his fingers tentatively over the cold metal and leaving telltale trails of rainfall behind. They had been locked. He would have sworn it.

3 - He's in a half-doze on the hotel bed, the TV blaring in the background, when his phones vibrates again, loud against the cheap wood of the nightstand. He almost ignores it, but curiousity finally spurs him into motion.

Adam again.

Tommy you have to see this guy

Tommy rolls his eyes, but he's laughing as he taps out his response.

You're more than enough man for me

He can practically hear Adam laughing himself at the other end, and the thought makes him smile.

Haha, that's right. But dude, i'm serious, this guy looks JUST like you

4 - The house is unnaturally quiet with Adam gone. It feels big in a way it never does, empty without Adam's voice to fill it up. Tommy's spent weekends alone here before, and he hates it. There's a difference between good Tommy-time alone and the long dark alone that sinks into his bones and makes all his insecurities push to the surface, pricking at him until all he wants to do is drink his brain away.

5 - The track clicks to a stop, and everyone looks up, waiting for Adam's reaction. They're starting to look a little worn, and he can't really blame them, but...it's his album, and this time he's not gonna let one single note go through unless it's absolutely perfect. This track definitely isn't there yet.

6 - They're both sick in New York, and yeah, it's not really surprising. Tommy has no one to blame but himself. The minute Adam knew he was coming down with something, he'd sequestered himself in his room with orders for everyone to stay away. But Tommy's never really been good at following orders, and it had been easy enough to weasel his way into Adam's room (with a promise of hot tea from the Starbucks around the corner) and then into Adam's bed for a late-night TV marathon and cuddle session.

7 - He holds Tommy in his arms and watches him sleep. Tommy's head is resting on Adam's shoulder, and the arm that's underneath him is starting to go numb, but Adam doesn't even consider moving. Right now, Tommy's face is blanked-out, gifted with the temporary peace of unconsciousness. Adam closes his eyes and hopes Tommy will stay asleep as long as he possibly can. He's not sure he can bear to watch Tommy wake up, watch realization steal over his features, the wholeness in his eyes shatter into broken pieces under the weight of memory.

8 - (from an outline) The kiss is shocking and terrifying and they don't get it all back anyway, mostly just the emotions of it, the longing and desire and somehow deep regret.

9 - (from an outline) Then the moment ends, and Tommy pulls his hand back and curls in on himself and lets the tears fall, and Adam can do nothing for him, wants to hold him and love him and has no idea what to do instead, and for the first time in his many long eons of existence, he feels out of his depth.

Those are the ones I have post-worthy bits for. I can't believe how many ideas are still just in my head, or written out only in a basic one-sentence summary.
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