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Been wanting to do this for a while, and finally got a day off to put it together. Be warned: I have a strong and possibly childish love for blatant sexual innuendo. That's what got a lot of these songs here. Also, this might be a Ke$ha playlist in disguise. Oops.

There are a few notable artists that I've left out of the list simply because when I listen to them, I listen to the whole album. Gaga is the main one.

They're in alphabetical order by first name at the moment, because I will probably mix the order six thousand times before I actually find something I like enough to stick with.

Avril Lavigne, Girlfriend - I like this song because of a House fanvid about Wilson and Amber. This will probably be a recurring theme, me liking things because they have fandom associations for me.

Aqua, Lollipop (Candyman) - My only excuse for this is that it's from what was, for some reason, the first cassette I ever owned. After a re-listen, this is the one adult me likes the best.

Beyonce, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - This is just a straight-up good song. I love a song with strong forward motion.

Britney Spears, Circus - Another fandom association. I love this song because of this one J2 AU fic, where they were porn stars filming a circus-themed porno...damn, that was a nice fic...

Britney Spears, Toxic - I just plain like this one. No excuses!

Christina Aguilera, Woohoo - I don't really like Christina at all. This song just happens to be blatantly sexual enough to be amusing anyway.

Jessie J, Do It Like a Dude - I listened to this when Adam tweeted it and adored it instantly. Plus, I find her crazy crazy hot in the video.

Katy Perry, E.T. - I don't like much of Katy's stuff, but this song I pretty much adore. Someone pointed out to me that the autotune really matches the concept of the song, and I think that's part of it.

Katy Perry, Peacock - I first heard this song at a Glam Nation show, so it's forever associated with Adam in my mind. Also, again with the blatant sexual references!

Kelly Clarkson, My Life Would Suck Without You - I like this song because of a Supernatural fanvid entitled "My Life Would Suck Without Supernatural." I don't think I'd ever heard the song anywhere else, to be honest!

Ke$ha, Blah Blah Blah - Again, a Supernatural fanvid made me listen to and subsequently enjoy this song. Damn vidders getting me addicted to mindless pop!

Ke$ha, Blow - Barely enough substance to even be called a song, but boy is it catchy!

Ke$ha, Take It Off - Another song I heard for the first time at a Glam Nation show. Probably my favorite song of hers.

Ke$ha, Tik Tok - Um. It's just catchy.

Ke$ha, Your Love is My Drug - This is pretty much my fandom theme song. Because come on, listen to this song and think of whatever pairing is your favorite ship. Yeah.

Kylie Minogue, Can't Get You Outta My Head - Mmmm, 90s goodness!

Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA - I haaaaaate this song. And yet it gets in my head SO BAD that I have to listen to it anyway.

Pink, Raise Your Glass - I first heard this song performed by a drag queen. I think that's what made me really like it. It was a great lipsynch! The lyrics really are terrible, though.

The Pussycat Dolls, Buttons - Oh, we're getting to old fandom stuff now. I heard this put to a Heroes fanvid, and it was a really hot vid, and therefore I ended up liking the song. Story of my life.

The Pussycat Dolls, Don't Cha - See above, except instead of Heroes it was a Smallville fanvid. Mmm, Clex...

Rebecca Black, Friday - I...have no excuse. It was so funny, and apparently I listened to it enough times to get it in my head, and, well...that's what happened with that. I fully plan to jam to this with a derisive grin on my face the whole time.

Rihanna, Rude Boy - Y'all know where this one came from! Classic, classic Adam fanvid. Song's pretty good in its own right, too.

Rihanna, S&M - SO MUCH LOVE. It's like they took a list of my likes and shoved them all into this song.

Rihanna, What's My Name - I only heard this for the first time a few weeks ago, and I really enjoy the mellowness of it.

Spice Girls, Wannabe - I used to LOVE this group, way back in the day! I still know every word to this song.

Toy-Box, Superstar - Haha, ending on a note of complete randomness. I heard this song put to an Ouran fanvid, and it was just so fact, I think I'll link it.

So there we are. Guilty pleasures. :)
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